11 Skills Every Career Recruiter is Looking For

Skills Recruiters Look For

When applying for a job, there are obvious skills and experience that will be required for the position you’re hoping to be considered for. However, there are some traits and skills that recruiters will look for in nearly every candidate. Here are some you should strengthen to improve your chances of getting hired. 

1. Communication

A good communicator makes a good employee. Being a good communicator will not only save your company time while on the clock, but it will make you stand out as an employee. In the modern age, good communication skills mean being able to effectively write and speak across digital spaces, whether it is through social media or email or over the phone with a customer.

2. Active Listening

While most people think being a good communicator stops at being able to speak precisely, communication skills also require you to be an active listener. You’ll never be able to properly respond to someone if you’re not listening to them or you are actively talking over them. Active listening requires you to take a step back: Let the person you’re speaking to speak freely, and respond with thoughtful questions to learn more about what they’re saying. It will show signs of inquisitiveness.

3. Teamwork

To become a viable part of a company, a recruiter is going to look to ensure you’re a team player. You should be someone who can effectively communicate and work with other people in a cohesive, habitable, productive way. This is especially important when communicating with people directly outside of your company’s office, whether you’re an editor working with a gaggle of freelance writers or remaining in steady communication with brand affiliates.

4. Time Management

When you’re on the clock, a company wants to make sure they’re getting the most out of whatever you’re putting in. An employer isn’t going to appreciate hiring someone who slacks off and regularly hands in projects late. Consider discussing past project experience with your recruiter, giving them specific examples when you were under a time crunch and were still able to complete all work in a timely manner.

5. Multitasking

Skills Recruiters Look For

Similar to time management, an employer is going to look for someone who can complete more than one task at any given time. Even if you’re not technically working on two things at the same exact time, an employer wants to know that you can handle the pressure of multiple ongoing projects.

References are a great way to back you up when trying to prove your multitasking skills. Moreover, consider discussing past projects you’ve worked on when meeting with your recruiter. They’ll be impressed to hear how you handled multiple projects at the same time, seeing them all to completion.

6. Digital Marketing Literacy

People are expected to know their way around a computer or smartphone nowadays. Technology has changed the way companies approach their business model, marketing, and more, and it’s important that you’re versed in numerous areas of digital business applications. Even if it’s not directly tied to your role, having an awareness of how to effectively maintain a social media profile to starting an affiliate marketing strategy can work out in your favor.

7. Humility

Nobody likes a braggart; modesty makes people comfortable when forming relationships. While you obviously want to brag about yourself when meeting with your recruiter, telling them about your strengths, you can do so in a way that is humble and free of toxic egotism.

The best consideration to remember is that you’re selling yourself in a realistic way. Telling your recruiter that you’re simply “the best” at what you do and speaking poorly of past work experiences will close the door to any opportunity you might have. Rather, remain confident, but do so in a way that is personable and relatable.

8. Positivity

Company atmospheres often try to be kept as positive as possible. After all, they are places of work, and a negative spirit can drag down a whole team of workers.

While you don’t need to be an outwardly extroverted person, a recruiter will be looking for a candidate with a positive outlook on life. Furthermore, they’ll want a candidate that has a positive perspective on the role they’re interviewing for—interested in growth to come, personal professional growth, and more.

9. Creativity

Skills Recruiters Look For

Whatever role you’re applying for, recruiters often seek candidates who approach their job from a creative lens. While it can be useful to have an employee who resides between the guardrails and refuses to push for growth, a creative employee can help a company transcend from whatever rut its stuck in, moving them toward a more influential place in years to come.

Go into your interview with questions and ideas concerning your job—from asking what the daily requirements of this role are to voicing your perspective on how you’d approach work and projects. 

10. Reliability

When hiring a prospective employee, companies want to ensure they have someone they can rely on. If you’re looking to leave an impression, you should consider taking a number of steps: Respond to emails and phone calls, prior to your interview, in a timely manner; bring work examples that show a level of required skill, management skills, and personal reliability.

11. Research Skills

Whether you’re working as an engineer, a digital marketing representative, or a receptionist, you’ll need to be able to effectively research information on your own time . It’s important that you show a recruiter that you don’t need to have your hand held to find in-depth information when asked for it. Consider researching the company, and recruiter, prior to heading into your interview, all so you can ask pointed questions that give you a greater understanding of the company—it will show an initiative and commitment that will stand above many other candidates.

There’s no way to become the perfect candidate—every recruiter will have personal preferences they’ll be looking for, and even the most experienced candidate will not always be hired. However, to improve your chances in the employment process, consider setting aside time to ensure you have a firm grasp of the above skills.

Maria Gold is a Content Manager/Writer for Empire Resume. She is dedicated to helping educate and motivate people with the latest career articles and job search advice. Her interests range from writing to programming and design. She is also passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology.


Skills Recruiters Look For

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