6 Digital Skills to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Digital Marketing Skills for Resume

Technology influences all activities around workplaces and forms the point of reference to many job interviews. From finance to marketing, business development, and sales, they all apply digital connotations to make work easier. Digital skills help you rank higher in the recruitment criteria selection process. Regardless of your primary profession, conversance to digital trends complement your professional abilities.

For professionals eying marketing positions, a deep understanding of digital marketing trends sells your resume. If you understand digital marketing conceptualization, creation, and execution, your market value increases exponentially. Other concepts like digital logo creation and website coding are added advantages.

The Digital Skills You Need

1. Digital Transformation Skills

There are always new ideas born each day. Any idea conceptualized by the mind can be digitally created. You might not be a tech geek, but if solutions you design help solve business problems then you have the upper hand. If you can conceptualize and create, then that is an added advantage.

Numerous activities within a work setting can simplify business operations. Organizations have processes they use to execute every task. The more efficient, less bulky, and transparent the process, the easier your day will be. If you have bankable experience of any responsibility initiated or designed that ended up improving operationalization, your chances of securing the opportunity are high.

Digital transformation skills offer direct solutions to problems and owning a business process. Currently, organizations seek to employ people who use their minds to solve problems as opposed to people who use muscle.

2. Data Analysis

Digital Marketing Skills for Resume

Data is king, and whoever controls it has the upper hand in influencing decisions. It helps in customizing products to fit a specific target group, help in customizing communication, and influence how people perceive a product. If you possess data analytic skills, you are a step ahead as your interpretation can help in improving sales conversions.

The world is continually being connected to the web, with content development as the way people reach out to others. Companies rely on workers who can gather data, classify it to focus on the targeted market, derive hypothesis, test, and infer conclusions. The conversion based on the conclusion helps business functions such as sales, marketing, business development, and customer retention programs.

Having the data is one thing while customizing it is another. Potential employees with big data analytics experience are absorbed faster compared to any other technical skills.

3. Content Marketing

With the advent of online marketing, the growth of content development as art is steady. Drafting keywords and product description is not enough to sell a product. Besides understanding how SEO and SEM work, employees who know how and what to write are instrumental, especially to the marketing team. In any post shared to the public, specific words, phrases, and infographics should feature to bring out the intended message.

Content marketing comprises the product description, ingredients, benefits, and unique characteristics. Although the Competition Act cautions against using direct comparison with known brands, how you phrase your content determines how unique it is. If you had experience in drafting blog posts, product description texts, or as an editor, you have the upper hand, especially in marketing and business development.

4. SEO and SEM

Digital Marketing Skills for Resume

E-commerce and customized texts are the new mode of commodity and information being dispersed. In both situations, the writings are done explicitly with direct pointers to the products. The approach helps the product or service rank higher on search engines so that when the buyer types the keyword, your product comes first. Customizing the information for ranking is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

On the other hand, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) entails using ads to pull traffic towards a site. Similar to SEO, the main focus is to get more people to visit the website. There are various online courses sponsored by notable search engines on how to develop and manage optimization processes. If you list it as one of your skills, companies dealing with online marketing would consider your application.

5. Programming and Web Development

It is the most technical aspect of digital awareness. Websites development brings together coding, integration, and adaptation. Its technicality lies in understanding and simplifying commands that will relay messages or complete a task. Web programming is reserved to computer engineers and scientists who enact any concept into actionable commands.

The difference between web development and programming lies in engineering. Development involves creating a website from scratch while programming handles the website’s coding system. Although the practice is highly technical, there are some self-taught geeks. With such qualifications on your resume and experience, any company will be more than happy to employ your services.

6. Digital Design

Digital Marketing Skills for Resume

The creativity associated with digital logo design helps in product or company identity. Anyone can come up with an idea of a logo, but few can master the art. A logo is a visual design that simplifies the product or company which makes it known and relatable. Some companies front their products while others sell the company name. Whichever, the approach, the logo design should be easy to understand with enticing catchphrases.

A digital logo help trace a brand or company performance on the web. The more people look for it, the more popular it becomes. Persons with creative minds who can conceptualize and come up with a logo have the upper hand, especially in digital marketing jobs.

Importance of Digital Skills in Job Hunting

These 6 digital skills will help make your resume stand out. Business sales shops and offices have found themselves online. It means that companies are leveraging on any digital expertise to boost their sales. The process is cheaper and effective compared to physical shops.

With digital skills on top of your professional background, the combination makes a candidate diversified. Save for technical aspects such as web programming, others like big data analytics and logo creation are easy to conceptualize and create. The future is technology. Ensure you shape in or the system will shape you out.

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Digital Marketing Skills for Resume

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