Best Fintech Companies to Work for

Best Fintech Companies to Work for

If you’re looking for a new career with lots of growth potential and awesome benefits, then turn your attention to the booming fintech sector. We’ll discuss what FinTech is and what the best companies are to work for in the industry.

What is Fintech?

The term fintech was coined in the early 2000s to describe the Financial Technology found behind the scenes at big banks. Today, fintech is an umbrella term that includes everything from smartphone apps, online lending, digital currency, and more.

What are the Best Fintech Companies to Work for?

If a career in the fintech industry sounds exciting to you, then you’re in luck. The fintech industry is growing at a rapid pace, which means there are plenty of career opportunities.

Empire Resume wanted to highlight these 6 companies that have a reputation for being among the best fintech companies to work for:

1. Kabbage

Kabbage is an automated lending platform that had reduced the credit-approval process from several weeks to just a few minutes.

Casual is king at Kabbage. As an employee, you’ll enjoy beer on tap, a relaxed dress code, free catered lunches, and a strict “dogs-welcome” policy. There’s a generous work from home policy as well, which enables you to balance work and life much more easily.

2. Coinbase

Best Fintech Companies to Work for

Based in San Francisco, Coinbase is an exchange broker for every type of digital currency that you can think of—Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tezos, and many others.

Coinbase is unique in that they specifically recruit employees from big names in the financial industry like Barclays, the New York Stock Exchange, Bank of America, and others.

Some fintech startups may avoid hiring employees trained in the “old school” but Coinbase sees that experience as a competitive advantage. Word is, employees who made the leap from old-school financial firms to Coinbase love upper management, the casual dress code, and digging into the exciting world of high-tech cryptocurrency.

3. Oportun

Oportun is a consumer lending platform based out of Redwood City, California. If you’re more of an extrovert, then you’ll enjoy Oportun’s famous office socials, where you’ll find CEO Raul Vazquez hanging out alongside entry-level new hires.

Oportun may also be right for you if you’re someone who’s into community service. One of the firm’s bigger initiatives is providing technical education to underserved children and financial literacy training to their parents.

Employees also have the option to contribute to a special fund that helps those within the company who are facing financial hardships. For example, funds have been used to help employees whose homes were damaged due to natural disasters.

4. MPOWER Financing

Best Fintech Companies to Work for

Not all the best fintech companies are on the west coast. MPOWER is an educational lending firm based out of Washington D.C. This small firm gives students who want to study in the United States and Canada direct access to loans and scholarships.

MPOWER is all about empowering students and their employees as well. Every manager has a “team-bonding” budget to encourage teams to get together on a regular basis to strengthen relationships and have some fun. Teams go bowling, go-karting, and take cooking classes together.

In addition to the team-bonding budget, each individual employee has a dedicated pool of money that they can use for career development and training. MPOWER wants their employees to be learning and gaining new skills all the time.

5. Finicity

Located in Murray Utah, this could-based software provider makes the list of best fintech companies to work for in part because of their “unlimited paid time off” policy. They aren’t the first company to offer it, but CEO Steven Smith is a firm believer.

Smith knows his people are working hard and putting in long hours. He wants them to have the freedom to recharge when they need to, no questions asked.

But Smith encourages employees to ask him as many questions as they like during the small-group monthly lunches he has with select employees.

6. Nvoicepay

Best Fintech Companies to Work for

The most popular benefit at this Oregon-based accounts payable software company is known far the on-site wine and beer kegs. The fintech firm doesn’t encourage day drinking, but impromptu happy hours after work encourage bonding and problem solving.

The nice thing is that Nvoicepay also gives employees a chance to burn off those extra calories with a designated stretching room, standing desks, and regular exercise classes with a certified group trainer.

If all of that wasn’t enough, all employees are eligible for monthly cash bonuses for meeting performance goals and going above and beyond.

What Skills are Needed to Work at a Fintech Company?

Hearing about the culture and benefits at some of the best fintech companies mentioned above may have you ready to start applying. But before you do, make sure you have these skills that are in high demand at fintech firms:

1. Blockchain Skills

As the underlying technology behind all digital currency, Blockchain theory is well understood. However, there is a constant shortage of those who can skillfully work within the blockchain environment. 

2. Software Programming Skills

Straightforward software programmers are also in high demand at fintech firms. Those who know Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, Python and SQL in particular are needed to develop and upgrade apps, websites, and full-stack platforms. If you’re looking to crack into the blockchain-based finance scene, then you’ll also need to consider applying to a blockchain coding bootcamp, as this will give you the edge over less-adept competitors for available roles.

3. Cybersecurity Skills

Anyone who has advanced cybersecurity skills will be in high demand at a fintech firm.

Fintech start-ups are particularly susceptible to hacks and security breaches. One significant breach can damage the firm’s reputation and cause devastating financial losses.

Fintech Companies are Hiring

Fintech is now engrained into our daily lives and we’re still in the beginning stages of this industry. We’ve highlighted some of the best Fintech Companies to work for and all of the amazing benefits they offer. However, there plenty of other fintech companies out there ready to hire skilled and talented individuals. There’s no reason you can’t be one of them.

To get a job in Fintech, you’ll need a professional resume that clearly showcases your skills, experience, and value that you bring. Contact us today for more information.

Ben St. Jacques is a Senior Copywriting Manager that is a regular contributor to Empire Resume’s blog. Ben has a strong background in corporate communications, developing newsletters, copy editing, and copywriting for a wide range of audiences.

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