Best Job Seeking Sites

Best Job Seeking Sites

Searching for employment online has increasingly become one of the most common ways Americans find work, according to recent surveys. A Pew Research Center study found that 53% of people have researched jobs online, and more than 45% have applied for a job online.

Several studies show networking is still the most effective way to land a job. It’s all about who you know, right? However, scouring the numerous internet job boards can still help in your employment search, especially if you have a game plan.

There’s an endless number of online job boards available to use – from the obvious ones like Glassdoor and Indeed to sites that are more specific to certain industries.

It’s nice to have so many options nowadays, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by how many sites there are and which ones to focus on. We reviewed the landscape of internet job boards and offers this list of the best ones out there that are worth your time.


Like many job search sites, Glassdoor has millions of listings for jobs across the world. What makes Glassdoor unique – and a favorite among job hunters – is the wealth of information it provides about companies.

Glassdoor shows estimated salary ranges in job listings and offers a personalized and free salary estimated based on today’s job market.

The site is also known for the anonymous reviews current and former employees leave about companies, which gives you a candid inside look at the company’s culture before you even step into the office.

Empire Resume notes another benefit of Glassdoor is it can help you prepare for your interview with a specific company. Former job candidates sometimes divulge questions they were asked and give a general description of the interview process.

2. Indeed

Indeed is a well-known name for job seekers – and rightly so. The website is a huge aggregator of listings across the internet that allows you to narrow your job locally or expand it globally.

Like Glassdoor, Indeed gathers information about companies, including reviews from current and former employees. The website also offers a free resume builder tool.

One downside of Indeed is the sheer enormity of the number of listings. The website says it adds an average of 9.8 job postings to the site globally every second. That many listings can become bewildering to search through.

3. LinkedIn

Best Job Seeking Sites

LinkedIn is a professional networking site and not necessarily a job search site. But given how referrals and connections are the most effective way to land a job, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most important site for job seekers.

LinkedIn has a job search page that works much like other search sites. The key difference is you can see who in your network works or is connected to a company that you’re interested in.

Empire Resume recommends the best way to find employment on LinkedIn is to be active on the site, which includes writing a great profile, keeping it updated, and interacting with people on the site.

You can take your job search to the next level on LinkedIn by signing up for a premium subscription. With the subscription, you’re able to see who’s viewed your profile and where they work and send private messages to recruiters you’re not connected with.

4. Google for Jobs

Like Indeed, Google for Jobs is an aggregator that pulls millions of listings from a wide variety of different sources. The big difference: Google for Jobs is powered by the biggest and most recognized search engine in the world.

Google for Jobs has no dedicated URL – you simply key in the type of job you’re looking for in Google like you would any other type of search. The search then takes you to a page with listings, and you can get a preview of the job and click on the external link for the original posting.

The downside of Google for Jobs is, like other aggregators, the results of a search are enormous. As Media Bistro commented, most job seekers don’t necessarily want more listings – they want the right listings.

However, using good search engine practices can help you narrow down the results in Google for Jobs. The aggregator also has a feature that shows your estimated commute time for each job listing.

5. Dice

If you’re looking for a technology job, Empire Resume recommends looking no further than Dice. The search site has emerged as the premier resource for professionals seeking employment in technology, engineering, and health care.

Like other search sites, Dice has a huge database of job listings. But what many tech professionals like most about the site is its career-building resources.

Dice features tools that give job seekers insights into their market value, possible salaries, and potential career paths. The site also has hundreds of blog posts, studies, and forums that help people get hired and advance in the tech industry and other fast-growing industry sectors.

6. Monster

Monster is a popular job search site that’s been around for a while, even though it has been recently overshadowed by Indeed and Glassdoor.

Most of the features on Monster are similar to Indeed and Glassdoor. The site has millions of listings, company reviews, and the ability to post your resume so recruiters can find you. Like Indeed, Monster is also a good site to look for not just salaried, professional jobs, but also hourly and part-time positions.

One of Monster’s unique features is MonsterCollege, which provides listings for entry-level jobs and internships. MonsterCollege has advice for recent college grads and a social community, and it lets recent grads know about recruiting fairs.

7. CareerBuilder

Best Job Seeking Sites

Like Monster, CareerBuilder has been a big name in job search sites for a while. The site has maintained a solid reputation for more than 20 years. CareerBuilder is the largest job search site out there, with more than 25 million people using it every month.

Empire Resume observes there’s not much that’s unique about CareerBuilder, though, compared to the other big names like Monster, Indeed, and Glassdoor. You’ll find the standard features on this site, such as millions of listings, career advice and resources, and the ability to post your resume.

However, CareerBuilder’s mobile app regularly gets rave reviews. It has been downloaded more than 500,000 times and it’s often cited as one of the top 100 business apps.

Industry-Specific Job Search Sites

So far, we’ve listed search sites that provide listings for jobs in a wide variety of industries. But remember there are several sites out there that are tailored to specific industries.

One example is Idealist, a site that specializes in employment in the nonprofit world. Idealist has thousands of listings for jobs, volunteer opportunities, and internships if you’re looking to make the transition from for-profit to nonprofit work.

HigherEdJobs is a reputable site that features more than 40,000 job listings at colleges and universities. And then there’s Media Bistro, the premier site for professionals seeking work in media, advertising, public relations, and journalism.

If you want to get extremely specific, there are also sites like This site features listings for hundreds of nonprofit Jewish-related positions, such as at synagogues and advocacy organizations.

The bottom line is a simple web search can reveal an endless number of sites where you can find listings that are specific to your career path and what industries you’re interested in.

Stay Focused in Your Job Search

As we mentioned before, the seemingly infinite number of job search sites available online can make any job seeker feel overwhelmed. That’s why it’s important to stay focused when searching for jobs online.

Many companies post listings on multiple sites, so it makes sense for job seekers to use multiple sites, too. On most sites, it’s not required to register to browse and apply for jobs. However, Empire Resume advises you to register and log in to get the added benefits, such as the ability to sign up for email alerts, post your resume so recruiters can find you, and apply for jobs more quickly directly from the site.

Make your online search more efficient by focusing on the sites that make the most sense for your career path. Take advantage of industry-specific sites and the array of career-related resources on the bigger sites, such as the salary information and company reviews on Glassdoor.

As Empire Resume always advises, also take full advantage of LinkedIn as both a job search and networking tool. Identify the type of position you’re looking for, and even the companies you’d like to work for, and use LinkedIn to research those companies and connect with decision-makers who work there.

Finally, while online job search sites have made the process of looking for work much easier, be careful not to rely solely on online resources.

If you’re considering getting a new job, you’ll need a winning resume that clearly showcases your skills, experience, and value that you bring. Contact us today help.

Maria Gold is a Content Manager/Writer for Empire Resume. She is dedicated to helping educate and motivate people with the latest career articles and job search advice. Her interests range from writing to programming and design. She is also passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology.

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