Best RSS Feeds for Job Seekers

best rss feeds

Many of the top job search websites have taken to utilizing RSS feeds to distribute news, data, and job listings. RSS stands for really easy syndication, which is basically a way various sites let you already know when they’ve been updated. When a website tells you about their feed or asks you to subscribe, they’re normally talking about RSS.

What is an RSS feed? Think about if someone routinely sent you a file that contained the newest updates to their site page, rather than seeing every example of the site page without realizing what was changed.

An RSS feed is simply a file that contains only changes that have been made to a file, such as a web page. It’s like getting a constant stream of new updates instead of seeing every version of the same story.

Why RSS Feeds?

An effective way for you to keep current with news, helpful advice, and up-to-date information to help with your career search is to subscribe to job search related RSS feeds. You will get the latest updates directly to your RSS reader without having to visit each site individually, which will streamline your job search and give you with extra time for more important things. Subscribing to blogs’ RSS feeds is a good way to get high quality information when it’s just been published.

Using RSS Feeds to Locate Jobs

In addition to applying for jobs, there are many reasons to stay abreast of the job market. Maybe you’re satisfied in your current position but want to be apprised of new positions in a particular industry as they come. Perhaps you are simply curious to know what the salaries are for similar positions.

The job market could be monitored very easily utilizing RSS feeds. You can subscribe to RSS feeds to discover new job openings, see available employment in a certain area, or locate all jobs that are all within a salary range.

How to Use RSS Feeds

best rss feedsIn order to subscribe to news feeds, you need to set up newsreader software program (also called news aggregator), which is an application that screens websites that contain RSS information. People typically use RSS “feed readers” to be notified of recent news or the latest developments associated with topics that they’re interest in.

RSS feeds are generally used on blogs, news sites, and other places with continuously updated content. Moreover, you can also subscribe to receive RSS feeds for updates when new jobs are posted.

You don’t have to worry about physically going into each website to see if new jobs have been posted since they will automatically be sent to the RSS feed reader.

Here are 3 great RSS feeds for job seekers along with the best business magazine to remain current. 

Job Feeds


Indeed is an outstanding search engine for jobs, which has a completely different method for job searching than the others. Indeed provides job search candidates access to millions of job opportunities sourced from numerous websites.

Indeed incorporates all of the job listings from the major job boards, newspapers, professional associations, and company career pages with new sites added every day. It gives you the ability to you save your job search as an email or as an RSS feed. This platform enables you to have matching jobs sent to you automatically, which saves you much heartache.

Visit Indeed’s job feed:


best rss feeds

Companies are constantly updating and communicating in their LinkedIn updates. You can customize LinkedIn’s feeds to have one thread incorporate all the updates in your network versus having to manually review each company’s updates. Here’s how to subscribe LinkedIn’s live RSS feed to get automatic updates when a company posts it.

To access the LinkedIn RSS feeds, go to the Account & Settings icon next to your LinkedIn profile picture from the top navigation bar, and then click from the drop-down list that appears. Next, pick the Account category from the bottom left side of the Settings box and click the Get LinkedIn Content as an RSS Feed link.

Finally, click the Enable radio button to turn on the RSS feed. This brings up a choice of RSS feed readers where you can set up the news reader to handle the newly subscribed RSS feeds so that you can read all this information as it gets fed to you.


With Indeed and LinkedIn being the job search behemoths, it’s easy to forget that Twitter can also be used as a professional social media networking site. However, you might be missing out on some essential job and networking alternatives if you fail to carefully look at Twitter.

Twitter presents a strong network of individuals in numerous fields, and companies and hiring managers are continually sharing available positions in their accounts.

Visit Twitters RSS Job Feeds:

Top Business Magazine 

best rss feeds

The Economist

The Economist was established in 1843 and is the preeminent source for accurate and credible news that far surpasses other publications. The Economist covers the entire global market with dedicated sections to business, finance, politics, science, and individual regions throughout the world.

This business magazine uses a plethora of peer-reviewed academic journals, notable national research agencies, highly reputable think-tanks, and government data when reporting on the latest and most relevant news that all professional and executive job seekers should know.

Click here to visit The Economist:

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