Choosing a Professional Resume Writing Service

Where to Get a Resume Done ProfessionallyProfessional resume writing services can range from awesome to a terrible waste of money. Anyone can start a resume writing service and have absolutely no clue on what they’re doing versus someone who has the background and credentials with vast experience.

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to distinguish between the two. When you conduct a Google search, the companies with the best Search Engine Optimization will pull up first (and are usually the biggest) but may not be the best since they pay big money to web developers to ensure that their site will rank high.

Although there are no definitive standards for resume writers, there are some things you should look for when choosing a professional resume writing service.

  1. The credentials of the resume writer

At a minimum, you want a Certified Resume Writing Professional (CPRW) who has passed several examinations from the Professional Association of Resume Writers. CPRW’s are considered the career industry’s experts in developing and writing resumes. The CPRW credential is the global industry standard for professional resume writers.

Also, determine the resume writer’s educational background. Of course, the higher the educational level the better. You can bet that if it’s not listed, then it’s possible that a High School dropout could be the one you just paid $300 to write your resume.

  1. Ensure the resume company you are considering is not a “resume mill”

A resume mill is a company that writes many thousands of resumes each year and uses remote contract writers that receive a fraction of the price you paid. If you pay $200 for a resume and are using a resume mill, the contract writer creating your resume may only receive 25% or $50.

How motivated is a person writing your resume for $50 going to be compared to someone who receives $200? The best way to avoid this is to find a resume writer that you can correspond with initially before paying the company and hoping for the best.

  1. What free services and resources does the company offer?

Where to Get a Resume Done Professionally

A reputable company should offer a FREE resume review. This way, you can see what the company can do for you before paying them. Avoid companies where you must pay for reviews since this is like a free estimate that reputable contractors should offer. Also, a reputable company should have plenty of free useful information that you can read through and apply in your job search. 

  1. Read the company reviews

Read reviews from Google and Yelp to see what people are saying about the company. Don’t be discouraged by a single negative review since it’s impossible to satisfy everyone; however, if there are many “one-star” reviews find out what the problem is with the company.

Also, be wary of reviews from sites that claim “Top 10 Resume Writing Services” or “Reviews of Top Resume Writing Companies,” since these are typically paid services where the resume companies will pay money to be listed.

Just like finding a job, the best way to find a professional resume writing service is to know someone personally (getting a referral from someone who has actually used the service before).

However, short of personally knowing someone, following these tips is good practice that can help give you peace of mind in selecting the best professional resume writing service. Here’s a list of the top resume writing services in Salt Lake City.

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Where to Get a Resume Done Professionally

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