Creative Ways to Use Social Media to Find a Job

job search social media

Social media has significantly changed the way people interact today, and it also has a big influence on the job searching process. Many recruiters and hiring managers say they use LinkedIn and Facebook to source and look for candidates, so it’s imperative to have excellent and professional social media accounts.

Even if you don’t love social media, having accounts on major platforms can help your job search. It demonstrates to potential employers that you have technical skills and understand internet and social media trends, which are very important in today’s business world.

Having solid social media accounts also helps build your professional brand, network and connect with people, and it makes you more visible to hiring managers, even when you’re not actively looking for work. Last but not least, social media enables you to interact with potential employers in ways that you may not be able to without an account.

Studies have shown that 92% of employers use social media for hiring. Other studies show that three out of four hiring managers will check candidates’ profiles on platforms like LinkedIn. Of course, savvy job seekers know all about resumes, cover letters, and interviews, but mastering social media is also increasingly becoming an aspect of the job search process that you’ll need to handle.

Empire Resume will delve into creative ways you can use social media to find a job, including what you should and shouldn’t do.

Attract Recruiters to Your LinkedIn Profile

job search social media

All social media sites are essential in your job search, including the ones like Twitter and Facebook that you may not think of as pertinent. That’s because recruiters may check these more personal profiles, so you want to ensure they’re professional and you don’t show pictures or info you wouldn’t want a hiring manager or company to see.

But hands down, LinkedIn is the most important profile for your job search. Job seekers often spend time reaching out to recruiters and companies, but what if you could have it the other way around? Recruiters will reach out to you if you configure your LinkedIn profile well enough.

The way to do this is to boost and enhance your profile by adding keywords, getting endorsements on skills and recommendations, and adding as many connections as possible. All these things will make your LinkedIn profile rank higher when recruiters search for job candidates.

Another smart thing to do is become a content creator on LinkedIn. The platform gives you this option when editing your profile, allowing you to gain “followers.” Use the opportunity to share helpful articles and create your own content to further draw recruiters to your profile.

Get Active on Twitter

job search social media

You may think that recruiters don’t care about Twitter, but you may be surprised. This is especially the case if you work in an industry like media, marketing, or communications where Twitter is a big deal.

There’s nothing worse for a recruiter to check a candidate’s Twitter profile to see it’s been inactive for a year or more. Stay active on Twitter and make it look like you’ve been using it, but you don’t have to overdo it.

What should you share? It depends. Of course, there will be personal stuff to share, such as pictures of your pets and things like that. But you can also try to become a thought leader in your industry, much like you can do on LinkedIn. Share pertinent articles about your industry and provide expert opinions, but above all, try to avoid controversy like politics.

Follow Experts on Twitter

job search social media

Believe it or not, Twitter has tons of helpful information, not just the political shouting matches it’s known for. There are many job searching experts with accounts on Twitter (like Empire Resume) you should follow. Interact with these accounts and read their articles to learn some valuable tips.

Other accounts you should follow include company social media accounts, especially the companies you’d like to work for. If you interact with them, you’re getting on their radar. Some companies also advertise job openings on Twitter and Facebook accounts, possibly before they put up job postings on job boards, giving you an edge over the competition.

Don’t Be Shy on Facebook

job search social media

Most of the time, it’s advisable to keep strict privacy settings on your Facebook profile, making it viewable only to friends and family. But if you’re searching for a job, make part of your profile viewable to the public. Employers will search for your Facebook profile, so you should have some basic information that’s available to them to let them know you’re a real, normal person.

Keep your main profile photo public, as well as professional and your employment and educational information. Things like your photos, wall posts, and relationship status can still be kept private. You should also make professional status updates public and searchable for companies. Posts like this include a new milestone your company achieved or links to articles you’ve had published on industry blogs.

Lastly, like on Twitter, follow and like the companies you love and want to work for. Following these companies puts you on their radar, gives you updates about their activities, and also gives you talking points during an interview if you get the chance. Companies may check to see if you’re their fan on Facebook to gauge how excited you are about the job.

Check Out Other Social Media Platforms, Too

job search social media

More people use social media today than ever, and the numbers will only grow. Companies have also flocked to social media to build their brands and promote themselves, and hiring managers use platforms, too. So, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be active on social media today, considering how important it can be when looking for a job.

Remember to get creative when using social media to find a job and think about going beyond the usual platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Many other platforms can also help, such as Instagram and Pinterest if you’re a creative and marketing professional. There are also social media platforms that are more industry-specific that can help. One that comes to mind is Medium, a network of blogs. If you’re a writer, opening a Medium account and publishing articles can help your job search.

Stay tuned to Empire Resume’s blog for more helpful insights into careers and employment, including articles such as 3 Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile, Working with Executive Recruiters, and How to Work from Home.

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job search social media

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