How the Era of Recruitment Automation Can Reshape Your Hiring Process

recruiting automation

Human capital management has become one of the most competitive industries where recruiters are struggling hard to discover, nurture, and use recruitment techniques to attract top talent.

The pool of available candidates is becoming massive with each passing day which in turn has doubled the challenges for recognizing the right professionals. Conventional interviewing tools and processes are quickly becoming obsolescent.

These methods fail because of the following pitfalls:

recruting automation

In order to cope up with the labor intensive landscape, it’s mandatory to stay ahead of the latest recruitment trends  and adapt your hiring strategy accordingly. The contemporary tech-driven world needs you to leverage recruitment automation tools and advanced technologies such as cloud computing, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for candidate screening and management.

Technology has transformed the recruiting sphere and nowadays, automation is the new buzz word which is disrupting the HR industry. With the help of new age recruitment tech platforms and solutions, the entire hiring process is streamlined, and HR professionals have discovered new ways to modernize their efforts.

But according to a CV-Library Whitepaper, “What does 2020 have in store for recruitment?”, attracting the right talent, optimizing candidate engagement, and streamlining the hiring process are the three major challenges faced by HR professionals. Also, recruiters lost many hours every week in performing tasks manually.

The only feasible solution to these problems can be integrating tech tools and automation systems to save recruiters time and let them discover as well as hire the best talent who will stick around. Let’s look at a few ways in which recruitment automation can reshape your hiring process:

1. Precise Job Descriptions & Ads to Spot the Top Candidates: Managing New Hire Requests

recruiting automation

It’s not at all easy to post job ads across multiple platforms or create precise and relevant job descriptions. Inappropriate and unclear postings for new hiring can make you lose the top talent and give you a bunch of professionals who aren’t the best fit for that particular role.

But this issue can be solved with a hire request app where managers and recruiters can collaborate and create accurate job descriptions which can help them in finding the best candidates applying for their jobs.

Hiring managers can easily follow up with the help of prompt feedback and important notifications through RSS feeds to include the required education, skill set, and preferred experience for the role. These apps can function seamlessly on both laptops and mobile devices to accelerate the entire hiring process.

2. Seamless Sourcing & Screening of Aspirants with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): Recruiting Software For Tech-Savvy HR Professionals

Keeping up with all the applications received can be a real nightmare for recruiters. Also, it’s daunting to provide them with a seamless hiring experience from day one. But wait because Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are here to help.

These are AI-driven platforms which can be leveraged to store massive candidate-related data and process many applications quickly. Also, ATS can filter the best candidates in accordance with the keywords provided which in turn will automatically eliminate the misfits.

Tracking platforms are blessed with an intuitive interface and automate complex processes to help HR professionals in streamlining the entire screening and interviewing process. Also, these tools help them in hiring the best developers within a limited budget who can build advanced software products to enhance the productivity of their organizations.

With the help of the below-given illustration, it can be concluded that 60% of recruiters think that these tools have slightly improved the hiring process.

recruting automation

Moreover, smart candidate and AI chatbots enhance the efficiency of these platforms as they provide candidates with prompt support and resolve their queries immediately. Clearly, virtual assistants are on the way to becoming the new age recruiter.

3. Scheduling Software to Help Recruiters in Arranging Interviews: Automated Reminders, Email Exchange & Follow-Up

To fix an interview slot, a recruiter has to exchange multiple emails with the candidates as well as the line manager. A long email thread can be quite confusing at times both for the applicants and HR pros. Also, such digital platforms can align with the calendars of managers, recruiters, and applicants so that to keep them all on the same page in terms of the interview schedule.

Therefore, it’s better to integrate a scheduling module which can automate the process of sending emails and reminders to candidates and the managers. Just a click is required to send interview invitation to the top candidates in the form of detailed emails comprising the proposed time, venue, and all other specifications.

4. Compensation Management & Easy On-boarding for Nurturing the Best Talent for the Long Term

With the help of intuitive software and new age tech tools, you can easily determine the salary structure and packages based on the experience of the candidate and your organization policies. These platforms simplify time-consuming and tedious tasks such as calculating wage and deciding perks or incentives.

Tech tools can also help you with the post-interview background verification process to ensure that no single step is left behind. These platforms can be a big relief in making the onboarding easier and hassle-free for both recruiters and candidates. Also, recruiters leverage these systems to design lucrative and optimized packages, which would help them in retaining top talent in the contemporary unstable and competitive business landscape.

5. Talent Relationship Management Platforms: Helps in Developing & Maintaining a Bond with Potential Candidates

recruiting automation

Nowadays, due to the intense competition, it’s easy for your business rivals to snatch the best talent from your hands. But talent management solutions can be your ultimate tool to enhance and maintain a harmonious relationship with a diverse and global talent pool.

The contemporary HR professionals leverage these management systems to build a robust candidate pipeline for their organization by using multiple platforms like social media.

The sole motive of recruitment automation isn’t limited to simplify the workflow of recruiters anymore. But it has become all about enhancing employee engagement, maximizing internal efficiency, and optimizing processes to streamline the entire hiring practice which can help HR pros to discover and nurture the best talent from the extensive pool available.

Maria Gold is a Content Manager/Writer for Empire Resume. She is dedicated to helping educate and motivate people with the latest career articles and job search advice. Her interests range from writing to programming and design. She is also passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology.

recruiting automation

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