How to Edit LinkedIn Your Profile 

How to Edit LinkedIn Profile

In the age of remote work, LinkedIn is more important than ever. The professional social media site has more than 600 million profiles worldwide. All these profiles mean a nearly unlimited supply of networking and job opportunities and the chance to build your professional brand.

If you’re looking for a job today, being on LinkedIn will help big time. About 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn, 55 million companies are listed on the site, and there are 14 million open job postings on average. All this being said, having a solid presence and profile on LinkedIn can help you.

Some people are new to LinkedIn and may not have a profile, even though the site has been around for a while. Others may not be the most tech-savvy. Empire Resume is here to help. When Empire Resume writes a professional resume and LinkedIn profile for you, we’ll offer some tips on copying and pasting that information into your new or updated LinkedIn profile.

Of course, LinkedIn profiles and resumes are different, and they have different goals. For example, a resume should be targeted toward the type of position you’re applying for and the cover letter can be tailored to each role. On the other hand, LinkedIn profiles seek to tell your whole professional story in a more complete way. Also, you can only have one LinkedIn profile, just like you should only have one master resume.

Nevertheless, copying and pasting the resume fields into LinkedIn will give you a good start to having a great profile. Here’s how to do it:

Profile Photo

How to Edit LinkedIn Profile

When creating a LinkedIn profile, the first thing you should do is add a professional photo of yourself. This will be the first thing people see when they view your profile, and most recruiters won’t even consider candidates without one. Unfortunately, it’s a legal loophole for companies to discriminate; however, LinkedIn says profiles with professional photos get 21 times more clicks. But don’t just add any photo. When picking the right photo to showcase on your profile, there are some dos and don’ts.

Your photo should be a headshot and, ideally, taken by someone else. Wear what you would typically wear to an interview and choose a non-distracting background. Avoid picking a photo that would diminish your professional brand, such as you at a music festival or a bar. This should be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people use pictures like this!

If you’re a recent military veteran transitioning into the civilian world, then it’s best to wear civilian clothing as to not pigeonhole you. Also, be sure that your picture only includes you, not your other family members or animals. Remember, LinkedIn is a professional network where you should put your best foot forward.

Adding the photo is simple. Click on the photo circle and click “add photo” to upload the picture from your desktop. Once you’ve added the image, you can frame it to look as good as possible.

Basic Information Section

How to Edit LinkedIn Profile

The next step is filling in your basic information and “intro,” as LinkedIn calls it. This includes your name, the headline you’ll use, and where you’re from. To add this information, simply click the little pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner at the top of the profile.

The headline is considered an important LinkedIn profile aspect. It’s like your resume title in that it indicates who you are to recruiters and what your goals are. However, you don’t have to use the exact job title you’re seeking for your headline and, in fact, it’s better that you don’t. Instead, use words that make you stand out, such as “Award-winning Computer Sales Professional” or “Passionate Human Resources Consultant.”

LinkedIn Summary

The following important section you’ll want to get right is the summary. It’s kind of like your “About Me” section. Empire Resume will provide you with this information so that you can copy and paste it into the profile.

The LinkedIn summary is a crucial element of personal branding. It should be compelling and reflect the value you bring to a potential employer, and it must be within the 2,000-character limit. The summary is one of the first impressions recruiters will get of you, so Empire Resume will make sure it’s fantastic.

Adding the summary is also simple. The section is called “About” in the profile. Click the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner and then copy and paste what Empire Resume has provided you, and then you’re all set!

Work Experience

How to Edit LinkedIn Profile

Now it’s time to talk about the meat and potatoes of the profile: your work experience. Your experience should be consistent with the information on your resume. Empire Resume will provide an excellent description of your work experience based on your resume that highlights your achievements and values you bring to a potential employer.

Copying and pasting this experience onto LinkedIn shouldn’t be too hard. First, click the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner of the “Experience” section of the profile. Then, click the plus icon in the right-hand corner. A box will appear that gives you the ability to add experience and fill in several categories, such as title, employment type, company name, location, etc.

Filling in the experience should be easy since LinkedIn lays out all the categories. Simply copy and paste the information Empire Resume has provided you into each category. When filling in the names of companies and other things, LinkedIn may auto-fill the box so you can link directly to that companies’ LinkedIn profile. We recommend you always do this, as it will add legitimacy to your profile and make you look more professional.


How to Edit LinkedIn Profile

Including your education is a critical element of your LinkedIn profile and will further increase recruiters’ chances of finding you. Adding your education and universities that you attended will also help connect you with alumni. Remember that if your degrees and years you attended school were more than 15 years ago, you could leave off dates to avoid age discrimination.

Even if you never attended any college you should still include your high school education since it will complete your LinkedIn profile and recruiters will need to know this information.

Adding education is similar to adding work experience. Click on the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner where it says education, and then click the plus icon. It will give you a box where you can copy and paste the information Empire Resume has provided you with. Just like with your work experience, LinkedIn will auto-fill the names of the universities you attended.


The skills you list in your LinkedIn profile are part of the keywords that recruiters use when they search for candidates. Needless to say, they’re critical! You can add numerous skills that’ll help you become more discoverable to recruiters and improve your odds of landing an interview. Include the skills you’ve already listed in your profile and then add some more based on your current job and the skills you think you’ll need for the jobs you’re considering.

Empire Resume will send you a list of some of the best skills you can add. Adding them to your LinkedIn profile is easy. In the skills section at the bottom of your profile, click the pencil icon. Then click the plus icon and a box will appear with suggested skills based your profile plus abilities you can add manually.

Add additional specialties that you feel should be included. Empire Resume will list specific skills and highlights that we pulled from your resume and job duties. You can also add any software you are proficient in here.


How to Edit LinkedIn Profile

Your educational degrees may not sum up the whole of your career professional development. In addition to getting a college degree, you may have taken extra courses or continuing education credits. Military servicemembers usually have many additional training/courses that they can include. If that’s the case, add these as a separate section to your LinkedIn profile.

For example, you may have taken courses in Microsoft Office, Word Processing, and Computer Keyboarding. Adding these courses to your profile is easy. At the top of your profile, go to add profile section. Under Recommended, you’ll have the option to select Add Courses. Click that and a box will appear giving you the ability to fill in the course descriptions. It will ask what the course was associated with in your profile, so tie it in with one of your jobs or, if it was a unique course at college, with one of your university degrees.

Honors & Awards

Similar to courses you completed, adding honors and awards to your profile can also help you stand out from the competition. Add any honors and awards that you’re particularly proud of and feel indicate your career progress.

They could be from your university days, such as making the dean’s list, or winning an award at work, such as employee of the month. Military servicemembers should include all their awards and ribbons in this section.

Adding the honors and awards is simple, similar to adding courses. Go to add a section to your profile and click Honors and Awards. A box will appear that gives you the ability to add the award and any details. Ensure you provide a good description of what the award was.


How to Edit LinkedIn Profile

As a social media site, LinkedIn provides several ways to connect with others by following organizations, influencers, groups, and schools. Empire Resume recommends you add this to your profile. Simply add Interests as a section on your profile and it will show the groups and interests you’re associated with. Professionally engaging with groups and influencers is a great way to get seen on LinkedIn, extend your influence, and lend you credibility on the site.

Additional Sections

Great job! After you’ve added all these recommended sections, you’re on your way to having an excellent LinkedIn profile that should help you secure a great job. LinkedIn is a dynamic site that’s constantly changing and updating, and there are many more aspects and sections to add if you’d like.

Some of these sections include languages, publications, patents, and more. As you get more accustomed to LinkedIn, continue to add sections that will give you a complete profile and make you stand out.

For example, you can also turn on “creator mode” on your profile if you plan on creating content. Creator mode is usually for people in media and marketing, but people in any industry can add this mode and write articles on LinkedIn that draw more attention to their profile.

LinkedIn is one of the best ways to find a job in the working world today, and the more you enhance your profile, the better your odds will be at landing a great job. The professional networking site has millions of opportunities to connect with other industry professionals and creating a great profile is a must-have.

Empire Resume can help you create a great profile and by following these tips we listed above, you’ll be well on your way to having an All-Star profile.

Stay tuned to our blog for other helpful insights on careers and employment, such as How to Use LinkedIn for Your Job Search, Job Hunting During a Recession, and How to Interview for a Remote Position.

Maria Gold is a Content Manager/Writer for Empire Resume. She is dedicated to helping educate and motivate people with the latest career articles and job search advice. Her interests range from writing to programming and design. She is also passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. 

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