How to Get a Job at Facebook

How to Get a Job at Facebook

As of 2020, Facebook had 2.8 billion monthly active users worldwide. The social media network was the seventh most visited website globally in 2020. When people think about social media, they usually think of Facebook.

Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and a few fellow Harvard students, Facebook is one of the Big 5 American tech companies that have come to dominate the internet (along with Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft). Facebook has had its fair share of controversies in recent years, but it’s still a prime place to work and a career destination for many people.

Facebook employs more than 68,000 workers across the globe, and the company continues to expand its workforce. The company also changed its name to Meta Platforms earlier this year, as it pivots its focus to the metaverse, which Zuckerberg thinks will one day replace the internet. Facebook (or Meta) is one of the world’s most valuable companies and brands, and it generates a big share of its revenue from the sale of advertisements.

Facebook is usually hiring, but they announced recently they’ll be going on a big-time hiring spree. The company plans to expand its workforce by 17% and hire a staggering 10,000 new employees over the next five years as it aims to build out the metaverse, according to a company press release. All of those jobs will be in the European Union, but there’s no doubt Facebook will require some new employees in the United States, too.

Empire Resume will delve into how to get a job at Facebook, including what positions are available, how to apply, and more.

What Jobs are Available at Facebook?

How to Get a Job at Facebook

Since Facebook is such a huge company, there are various positions available. On its website, Facebook (or Meta) breaks down open positions by area of work, location, category, and app or service, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus (its virtual reality platform), and Messenger. Facebook’s careers site notes that there are more than 4,000 jobs currently available at the company.

Some departments or divisions you can apply to include:

  • Advertising Technology
  • Communications & Public Policy
  • Data & Analytics
  • Design & User Experience
  • People & Recruiting
  • Product Management
  • Security
  • Software Engineering, and
  • Technical Program Management.

Salaries at Facebook greatly depend on your skills, background, and experience. But, generally, starting wages at Facebook are higher than industry averages. Many Facebook supervisors earn more than six figures, and there are incredible benefits, including specialized medical care, paid leave for new parents, on-site tax consultants, and bonuses for newborn baby expenses.

What Makes Facebook Tick?

How to Get a Job at Facebook

When applying to Facebook, it’s best to do it via their career website. First and foremost, focus on your relevant skills. Facebook is like many big tech companies that think outside the box and don’t focus as heavily on a long list of accolades and experience. If you can prove you have brilliant skills, a company like Facebook may take a chance on you.

On your resume, make it known you have the relevant skills to get the job done. Focus on keywords in the job description and the relevant things the company is looking for. Facebook is all about authenticity and confidence, so convey your unique personality in your application materials.

Also, know what Facebook is all about and what makes them tick. There are tons of materials on the internet about the company and its values, so do your research and make sure it’s evident that you have. For instance, some of Facebook’s company values are boldness, being yourself, a supportive and inclusive work environment, and building social value.

Lastly, when you hit send on your application, ensure you’re prepared for an intense interviewing process. Just like applying to a corporate job at Amazon or Apple, Facebook’s hiring and recruiting process may be the most thorough and intense you’ll ever be subjected to. So, do your homework!

Facebook’s Interviewing Process

How to Get a Job at Facebook

Lori Goler, Facebook’s Vice President of People, told Glassdoor that most people do tons of research on the company before being interviewed so you won’t want to fall behind on the competition. Types of research you should do include reading articles about Facebook online and going through their earnings reports.

The first round of the interview process is a pre-screening call with a recruiter. These usually take less than 30 minutes, and the recruiter will ask questions to clarify little things on your resume. It’s a significant accomplishment even if you make it this far, so pat yourself on the back.

If you make it past the pre-screening, you’ll have a technical phone interview with a current Facebook employee in the division you applied to. This interview will be a bit longer (about an hour), and you’ll usually be asked questions about your career and industry skills and experience. This part of the interview may also include a test, like a coding test, to assess your skills.

The purpose of the first two interviews is to gather insight into your skills and experience. If you succeed, you’ll get to the last and most challenging part: three interviews with Facebook professionals or recruiters that’ll focus specifically on your areas of expertise. Each interview is an hour; they used to be on-site, though they may be conducted online now given the pandemic. Expect questions such as:

  • How do you remain productive while working from home?
  • What are your strategies for building positive relationships with co-workers?
  • What’s the biggest compliment you’ve ever received in your professional life?
  • How do you handle working with a difficult manager?

After completing about five interviews, the process is over. While waiting for the results, make sure you send a follow-up thank you letter to each and every person you interviewed with. Emails are nice, but a handwritten note will impress the recruiters and hiring managers even more.

Facebook Wants “Builders”

How to Get a Job at Facebook

Facebook is one of the most valuable brands globally, the most popular social media network, and a company of endless fascination for most everyone. Despite the controversies that seemingly always surround the company, many people say it’s an excellent place to work where employees make higher-than-average salaries, enjoy amazing benefits, and work with terrific and brilliant people.

At Facebook, strong skillsets beat out experience, so don’t be afraid to apply even if you don’t have the most prestigious resume. If you can prove you’re great at what you do, Facebook may take a chance on you. The company also highly values people who can solve challenging problems. They call people like this “Builders” inside the company. So, when filling out an application and during the interview process, highlight all the ways you’re a top-notch problem-solver.

Stay tuned to Empire Resume’s blog for more helpful career and employment insights, including articles like The Rise of the Gig Economy, Keeping Your Social Media Employer-Friendly, and What to Expect on Your First Day of Work. 

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How to Get a Job at Facebook

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