How to Get a Job at Northrop Grumman

How to Get a Job at Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman, incorporated in 1939, is a global aerospace, defense, and security company responsible for designing, developing, building, and supporting some of the world’s most advanced products, from cutting-edge aircraft and next-generation spacecraft to unrivaled cyber security systems and all-seeing radars.

With over 95,000 employees, and a commitment to serving the veteran community, the jobs at this “pioneering” technology company allows servicemembers, no matter their rank, to bring their military experience from the air, land, sea, and space to help Northrop Grumman solve problems in aeronautics, space, defense, and cyberspace.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I’d love to work here, but I don’t know where to start,” just sit back and relax. Empire Resume, a career services company offering professional resume writing, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, job search guidance, and interview preparation, will dive deep into how veterans, their families, and anyone with military experience can get a job at Northrop Grumman. We’ll also discuss the types of positions available for veterans and transitioning military, what the application and hiring process is like, and focus on veteran-based programs within the company.

Jobs at Northrop Grumman for Veterans

Working at Northrop Grumman, no veteran would be alone. This company is proud to help military personnel make the transition to civilian careers. In fact, approximately 20% of their over 95,000 employees identify as veterans, and more than 1,600 are reservists.

Take advantage of the Military Career Matching Tool on its website. As of this writing, there are over 3,000 opportunities matching military jobs, titles, MOSs, and AFSCs.

The company’s recruiting team also hosts virtual sessions for transitioning military members. The sessions are informational events to learn more about their available, nation-wide positions as well as their veteran-based programs, including Operation IMPACT and the Northrop Grumman Military Internship Program (DoD SkillBridge).

The types of jobs one will find at Northrop Grumman are related to:

  • Air: Provide proven manned and unmanned air systems
  • Cyber: Help prevent cyberattacks
  • Land: Provide critical technology services, sustainment, and modernization
  • Sea: Design, development, and production of advanced naval systems
  • Space: Solve the toughest problems in space

From science to engineering and technology, Northrop Grumman has a variety of careers. And it’s safe to say that no matter which of the six branches of the U.S. a person served — Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, or Space Force – there’s a position to fit every military skillset.

Many Northrop Grumman Jobs Require a Security Clearance

How to Get a Job at Northrop Grumman

Since Northrop Grumman is a contractor or partner of the U.S. Government and Military, many of the jobs require employees to hold a security clearance. For transitioning servicemembers, they may or may not hold a clearance. Whether one holds a security clearance depends on that person’s job or military occupation.

If the security clearance has expired, keep in mind that an individual cannot get a security clearance on his or her own. The company would be the one to sponsor the individual for the security clearance. Be prepared to fill out tons of paperwork to have a background check conducted and possibly even a security clearance interview.

Hiring Process at Northrop Grumman

According to their Military Transition Guide, Northrop Grumman says you should review its careers site to identify what you may want to do and where. For regular applications, apply 6 months prior to exiting the military. For those interested in the DoD SkillBridge program, apply 1 year prior to leaving service.

To work here, the hiring process will be much like any other job application process. Below is a brief overview of the Northrop Grumman hiring process in addition to the statuses that will show up in your applicant profile:

Search and Apply

Create an applicant profile either when you first visit the site or when you apply for a specific position. Be prepared to take the Northrop Grumman Manager Readiness Assessment if you’re applying for a managerial position. You should receive an email informing you that your application is “under consideration” once it is under review by a recruiter.


A recruiting representative will contact you to schedule an interview. Your status will show that an interview process is in progress. Afterwards, you’ll hear back from the hiring department whether they want to move forward with the hiring process or not.


Once you have accepted a job offer, you will be contacted by a representative with details. Your status should simply state “offer.” If you decline the offer, your status will state “completed.”

Pre-employment processing

Your pre-employment communications are in progress and more will become available.


If you get to this point, congratulations on your new position at Northrop Grumman!

In the event you do not get a call back for an interview or do not receive an offer after an interview, it means you are no longer under consideration. You can continue to seek and apply for other opportunities from the company in the future.

Veteran Programs at Northrop Grumman

How to Get a Job at Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman prides itself on being a diverse, military-friendly employer. For this reason, the company has two major veteran programs to support the military community in transition to the civilian world – Operation IMPACT and Military Internship Program.

Operation IMPACT (Injured Military Pursuing Assisted Career Transition)

Operation IMPACT (Injured Military Pursuing Assisted Career Transition) is a unique, award-winning diversity program within Northrop Grumman.

This program specifically focuses on providing career support to severely wounded servicemembers in transition from the military to a private-sector career.

Additionally, if the Veteran is unable to work, Northrop Grumman offers similar support to the servicemember’s immediate family member who will act as the primary wage earner. If support is provided to a family member and the service member becomes able to work, support will then be extended to him or her.

Below are the eligibility criteria for Operation IMPACT

Be an Injured Servicemember

  • Service-connected wounds, injuries or illnesses that were incurred while serving in the military following the events of September 11, 2001.
  • Transitioning from active military service or are considered a newly separated veteran who has been discharged or released from active duty within 3 years, or
  • Continuously enrolled in a degree or certificate program up to 5 years after separation of service, and
  • Expect to receive or received a service-connected physical disability rating of 30% or greater from the Department of Defense or Department of Veterans Affairs.

Be an Immediate Family Member of the Wounded Warrior

How to Get a Job at Northrop Grumman

  • Service member must meet the above criteria, except not able to work a full-time paid position.
  • When a severely injured service member is not able to work, the company offers the same career support to the individual’s immediate family member who will act as the primary wage earner.
  • Immediate family member generally refers to someone’s spouse, parents and grandparents, children and grandchildren, brothers and sisters, mother-in-law and father-in-law, brothers in law and sisters in law, daughters in law and sons in law. Adopted, half, and step members are also included in immediate family.
  • If career support is provided to a family member and then the service member becomes able to work, the family member may maintain the job they were hired for, and the veteran may also apply for work through the Operation IMPACT program.

If you or someone you know meets the above criteria, check out the steps required to initiate Northrop Grumman’s easy as 1, 2, 3 enrollment process.

Northrop Grumman Military Internship Program (DoD SkillBridge)

Northrop Grumman provides opportunities to gain real-world corporate experience with the potential for full-time employment post separation or retirement through its Military Internship Program.

As a partner of the DoD SkillBridge, the Northrop Grumman Military Internship Program is an opportunity for transitioning service members to gain valuable civilian work experience through an individual internship during their last 6 months of service, for up to 180 days.

Before applying for a SkillBridge position with Northrop Grumman, applicants should complete the DoD SkillBridge Prescreen Form, identify a job position, and submit an application. The Prescreen Form should be attached to the application.

Need a refresher on DoD SkillBridge? Check out our article on The DoD SkillBridge Program. The DoD SkillBridge Program, also known simply as SkillBridge, is a way to gain civilian work experience through specific industry training, internships, or apprenticeships during the last 180 days of military service prior to discharge.

Dr. Phillip Gold is President/CEO of Empire Resume and has vast experience writing resumes for both professionals and servicemembers transitioning from the military into civilian roles. He served as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force and was responsible for leading nuclear missile security. Phillip is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and holds a BA in Communications from The Ohio State University, an MS in Instructional Technology, an MBA in Finance, and a PhD in Finance.

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