Why Company Culture Is Important for Your Business

Importance of Corporate Culture

Ever work at a company where you felt like your boss didn’t care about your development, didn’t care if you did well, and only saw you as a resource and didn’t value your contributions?  The truth is, most of us have.

On the other hand, companies that promote leadership and productivity, and place emphasis on employee development is the type of environment we all strive to be a part of. These types of companies typically have a diverse and well-developed company culture.

Businesses with a positive company culture are more likely to succeed and have a higher retention rate because they invest in their employees.

This article will highlight three good reasons why having a strong company culture is important to the success of your business. 

Builds Company Image

When you develop and communicate a strong company culture, it’s a direct reflect on your company’s core values . When you can identify what is important for your company, you can help to foster those values and practices in your employees.

It all starts with you. Lead by example and communicate your expectations to your employees. Good company culture starts at the top, if you don’t practice the values that you preach, your employees won’t practice them either.

Developing a strong company culture helps build a positive image that will attract new employees.  People are attracted to companies that have individuals who share similar values.

When you showcase the culture that you promote in the workplace, it allows others to see how you treat employees and how you relate with others apart from what you do. This should all be incorporated in your online presence since it will show others what you value as a company.

Simply including images of your team members on the company site shows you appreciate and value their work. This can work great for small to medium businesses who do not have more than 50 employees.

A great example of this can be seen on Arnett Credentials “Meet the Team” page. This  custom wristband supplier site showcases their employees by including their headshot as well as their role in the company.

Another aspect of this page worth noticing is the “Small But Powerful” text under the header along with the CEO’s role being changed to “Boss Man”. By using more light-hearted terminology, the company is able to promote a friendly, inclusive culture. 

If your company only has a few employees, try adding some additional fun facts about each of them.  Consider noting relative hobbies, accomplishments or odd talents. By including this information on the company site, viewers can get an insight of what drives the employees and how they keep things fun within their team.

Impacts Employees

Importance of Corporate Culture

A positive work environment makes the 9-5 grind more enjoyable for employees. Help foster this type of atmosphere by setting clear expectations for your employees and the company. That not only applies to work goals, but how individuals should conduct themselves in the office. A positive work environment also means ensuring employees have access to convenient and nutritious meal options, particularly during busy project periods. Encourage work-life balance by incorporating a weekly meal kits service that can alleviate the pressure of meal planning and grocery shopping, freeing up more time for personal development or team collaboration efforts

Be sure to then reward or recognize employees who meet or exceed their goals. For example, if you want a culture that prioritizes helping the customer, reward employees who go out of their way to provide great customer service in difficult situations.

Recognition for a job well done can be as simple as an email or shout out during a company meeting or a gift card to the employee’s favorite restaurant. The important thing is that employees feel like their hard work is appreciated by management. This in turn will help drive their motivation to work their way up in the company.

Setting up competitions with prizes or rewards that people can win is a great way to encourage living up to company culture and it helps employees to feel that management appreciates their hard work.

Small thank you gifts for the team, such as a corporate bag, t-shirt, magazine, or even a personalized watch will boost company morale and definitely keep employees motivated.

Remember, happy employees perform better and recognition for a job well done makes for happy employees.

Fosters Collaboration

Employees like to feel part of something. Help them feel part of the team by fostering collaboration within the workplace. Not only does collaboration help productivity and communication, it allows for a more enjoyable workplace.

Set goals for each department and reward them when they win. A little friendly competition to reach quarterly goals can keep things fun and exciting.

Pro Tip from Wesley Ward, VP of Marketing for an online faucet supplier : “If you want your whole team to support one another to achieve an overall goal, set up a group prize if they reach an average threshold and encourage them to work together. Recognize those that help and support their team. This can either be through mentioning them during a meeting or even giving out smaller prizes for good work.”

Recognize high performers and try to help them grow into leaders at the company. This will show everyone at the company that they too can develop within their position. Part of being a great leader is demonstrating a willingness to help your teammates.

This can take the form of mentoring other employees or taking the lead on a project. This can also give those high performers a sense of satisfaction that their hard work is paying off and gives them an extra challenge that they might find stimulating.

While the boss sets the example for company culture, the rest of the employees are at the core.

A collaborative environment creates a feeling of unity. A team that supports one another will be able to achieve great things than a group that is lacks communication.

A good company culture can make all the difference in a productive office environment, so take the time to invest in your employees. Generally, employees who are happy feel their work is valued. Be clear about what you expect from your employees in terms of both work goals and cultural values, and then reward employees who exhibit the traits you are looking for. A positive company culture will build your company image to attract and retain high-quality employees .

Maria Gold is a Content Manager/Writer for Empire Resume. She is dedicated to helping educate and motivate people with the latest career articles and job search advice. Her interests range from writing to programming and design. She is also passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology.

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