Job Search Assistance


Job Search Assistance


Let our experts guide you through exactly how to find a job today with our Job Search Assistance Service!!!



60-Minute Phone Consultation

With the rapid advancement of technology and new ways of recruiting that are constantly evolving, finding a job today can be very frustrating and time-consuming. The skills that you may have had in conducting a job search five years ago are nearly obsolete today. Connecting with the decision makers who can actually offer you a job is the only way you’re going to get an interview. No matter how compelling and concise your job package is or how well it markets you, without a decision maker laying eyes on your resume/LinkedIn profile, you will never receive a call-back for an interview. 



job search assistance




  Job Search Assistance


Connect with an Expert

Assuming you already have a stellar resume/LinkedIn, you need an “expert” to walk you through the best ways specifically to market you to companies to get an interview. A study conducted by Glassdoor (2017) revealed that the average employer will receive 250 resumes for each open position, and it’s not unheard of for them to receive more than 1,000+! Of the 250 resumes received on average, five people get called in for an interview and only one will get the job. You need to distinguish yourself from the other 250 candidates that are applying for the same position with similar backgrounds.



Our Job Search Assistance Service is divided into three parts and covers:

Part #1 Understanding the job search process, which covers the applicant tracking systems (ATS) used by companies today, how to make your resume discoverable in the company’s ATS, breaking down job descriptions, and using the best job websites currently available.

Part #2 The most effective ways to network with the right people using LinkedIn, professional associations, alumni networks, personal/community networks, and executive recruiters.

Part #3 Walks you through exactly how to develop a strategy to target decision makers, specific ways of applying for positions, and writing effective emails. 


How it Works


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You will receive a Job Search Assistance Manual that covers everything included in the 60-minute phone consultation and a Career Management Database template to keep track of every job that you apply for. Using our Job Search Assistance Service with your optimized resume/LinkedIn will give you the absolute best chances of getting an interview, period!