How Important is LinkedIn?

As technology continues to revamp the recruiting industry with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), artificial intelligence (AI), and digital interviewing, LinkedIn grows exponentially in importance every day. Microsoft, the software giant and application where most resumes are written, acquired LinkedIn and developed the LinkedIn/Word Resume Assistant that incorporates AI and public LinkedIn profiles into Word to assist people with developing their resumes. LinkedIn is the standard online professional networking site and any candidate who fails to have a one will likely be passed for someone else who does. No matter what your profession is, LinkedIn is an essential element to your career.




LinkedIn Resume Writing

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Resume Writing Service

The most important element in your job search is a resume that is optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS) and markets your value to employers. Your LinkedIn profile is essentially an expansion of your resume that paints a more complete picture of you. It’s vital to ensure your resume works with ATS and “sells” you to potential employers. Unfortunately, there is so much misleading information available online when it comes to resume writing, especially with resume templates. Our professional resume writing experts will custom design a resume that works!

Cover Letter Writing Service

Your resume and LinkedIn are the main ingredients in your job search; however, don’t forget about including a cover letter for each position that you apply to. A cover letter should be included with your application and is where you can get an edge over the competition by tailoring it to each hiring manager by name and highlighting your relevant qualifications that align with the specific job description. Finally, remember to send each person who interviewed you a follow-up letter that shows them your enthusiasm and reminds them why you’re the best candidate for the position.







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