Outdoor Jobs for People Who Love Nature

best outdoor jobs

Are you a nature lover? Do you feel more at home outdoors than in your own home? Does the thought of working in a cubicle, a retail store, or any indoor space make you feel nervous and sweaty?

If so, you’re not alone. There are many people who love the outdoors and have jobs that keep them close to nature.

14 Jobs for Outdoor Enthusiasts 

These are all great careers for anyone who wants to be outside while earning money.

1. Groundskeeper

A groundskeeper may work at a school, university, hotel, a resort, a municipality, or dozens of other places. Their main responsibility is to maintain the lawns, trees, and shrubbery, for the property they work on. Groundskeepers spend their days mowing lawns, planting flowers, watering the grounds, pulling weeds, trimming trees and shrubs, and spreading mulch. It’s their job to ensure the grounds are beautiful and healthy all year long.

2. Landscape Architect

A landscape architect designs green spaces you find at parks, college campuses, playgrounds, hotels, apartment complexes, and more. They choose the shrubbery, flowers, trees, and decide where to plant them. Their goal is to create gorgeous outdoor spaces that everyone can enjoy.

3. Ski Instructor

best outdoor jobs

Love to ski? Then maybe you want to be a ski instructor. As a ski instructor, you’ll spend your days on the slopes teaching others. You’ll likely teach groups and give private lessons. You’ll also be responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of those you teach.

4. Fish Hatchery Technician

Fish hatcheries are an important part of our nation’s food supply and are used to help maintain delicate ecosystems as well. As a hatchery technician, you’ll harvest fish eggs and put them through a fertilization process. The fish may be raised on site for sale to supermarkets restaurants or other customers. The fish may also be transported to lakes, streams, and ponds where fishing is allowed. Finally, the fish may be delivered to areas to shore up numbers of a species of fish that is underrepresented in a particular area.

5. Nature Photographer

If you love nature and know how to take photographs, then you may want to consider becoming a nature photographer. Many nature photographers are freelancers, which offers variety and control over their own schedules. Your clients may even pay for you to travel to various locations to take photos. You may also find full-time jobs as a nature photographer at magazines, websites, newspapers, or publishing companies.

6. Wild Firefighter

best outdoor jobs

A wild firefighter can be an extremely dangerous, but also very rewarding job. As a wild firefighter you’ll be trained to extinguish forest fires, brush fires, and other fires that occur in nature. You’ll use water hoses, chemical hoses, and maybe even learn to fly a helicopter to help rescue people in danger. You’ll also be responsible for preventing fires from occurring. Many wild firefighters are employed by government entities such as Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service.

7. Horticulturist

Horticulturists are experts in all manner of plants, flowers, and trees. They work with farmers, tree nurseries, and government agencies. The work of horticulturists helps increase crop yields and reduce pests and diseases that threaten plant life. Horticulturists also play a role in the regeneration of natural lands that have eroded over time.

8. Solar Panel Installer

If you love the outdoors and aren’t afraid of heights, then consider being a solar panel installer. These specialists install photovoltaic panels that transform sunlight into energy for homes and businesses. There’s a growing demand for these experts as the country looks for more renewable sources of energy. There’s no college degree required, but you’ll need to take a handful of trade school courses and work as an apprentice for a few years.

9. Wind Turbine Technician

best outdoor jobs

Speaking of jobs in the growing renewable energy field, wind turbine technicians are in also demand. As a wind turbine technician, you’ll install, maintain, and repair wind turbines and all the associated machinery. It’s mostly outside work, plus you know you’ll be doing something to help the environment.

10. Surveyor

Surveyors spend a lot of time outdoors determining legal property boundaries for homeowners and businesses. They sketch the area, record specific data points, and present their findings to clients. Surveyors are often called upon to resolve legal disputes between neighbors, businesses, or government entities. Surveyors may work on a freelance basis or be employed by a local government, construction company, or architect firm.

11. Park Ranger

A park ranger is responsible for patrolling and protecting campgrounds, hiking trails, and any surrounding forests and lakes. They greet visitors to the area and ensure they know the rules and regulations they need to follow while visiting. Park rangers often give guided tours of the area and may participate in search and rescue efforts as well.

12. Marine Biologist

best outdoor jobs

Doesn’t everyone want to be a marine biologist at some point in their lives? These scientists study ocean life in all of its forms. Some choose to study marine mammals such as whales. Others choose to study marine microorganisms. A marine biologist may also research marine plant life or ocean-dwelling birds. The variety in this profession is literally as big as the ocean, so you’ll never get bored. Plus, you’ll get to live near the beach, which is a major plus.

13. Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife biologists study animals, bugs, plants, and microorganisms living in their natural environments. They spend a lot of time outdoors observing animals and their habitats. Their work often informs environmental protection policy at the state and federal level. Wildlife biologists will also write environmental impact reports for commercial real estate developers, who often can’t proceed without proof that their project won’t harm the environment or displace an endangered species.

14. Arborist

Arborists (also known as “tree doctors”) are experts in the care and maintenance of trees. They climb up and down trees all day using equipment to trim tree branches or remove trees altogether. Arborists can also identify tree diseases and recommend how to treat them.

Do You Want an Outdoor Job? 

It’s easy to see why many people would much rather be working outdoors in nature. You get exercise, plenty of fresh air, and in many cases, the satisfaction of knowing that your work is helping to improve the environment.

If you’re interested in pursuing an outdoor career, you’ll need a winning resume that showcases your passion for working with nature. Contact us today for more information.

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