Recruitment Strategies Used to Attract Top Talent

Recruitment Techniques

Hiring the right person for the job is the most important task for an organization. After all, at the end of the day you rely on your employees to get things done.

The market is full of potential candidates. To find a suitable candidate is something that requires both time and proper skill of assessments. This is why there are many recruitment agencies specializing in sourcing and selecting top talent.

Working with recruitment agencies doesn’t mean that your job is done. Since you can’t rely on these international/national recruitment agencies for every vacancy, you need to know the art of hiring. You must make yourself aware of some of the best recruitment strategies.

Empire Resume outlines some great recruitment strategies that can help you hire talent.

Create a Job Listing

Recruitment Techniques

It is important to create a job vacancy that will stand out. A skilled and talented candidate typically doesn’t come to you, so it’s essential to write a compelling job listing. You must clearly communicate the skills required for the job, your company’s policies, salary, and any other benefits and services the company has to offer to entice the best talent.

Tell the potential candidate about your company’s flexible work environment and culture. Clearly spell out how a work/life balance can be easily be achieved. You can include a link to a short video, write a blog, or provide a presentation on your website.

Campus Recruitment

Your recruiting strategy isn’t maximizing its potential if you’re not working to attract the younger millennial generation to your company.

Colleges and universities provide a great hub for talent hunting and is a great place for job fairs. You can find many talented recent grads who are excited to work for you. In just a few short years, these students are expected to make up nearly half of the workforce.

To hire young talent, get in touch with colleges/universities and ask to include your firm as a member of their placement cells. This can be one of the best strategies for you to recruit potential young talent.

Here are some strategies you can use to attract these talented millennials:

  • Create your presence in college magazines and newspapers.
  • Enroll candidates for a free workshop and provide them information about your company.
  • Arrange industry visits for students at your  company.
  • Sponsor college fairs, tech events, and cultural festivals.

Recruiting Campaigns

Recruitment Techniques

Apart from recruitment agencies, online job/talent searches have become a crucial part of hiring and recruiting candidates. Methods like online competitions, talent testing platforms, and competitive coding have become quite popular for recruiting new potential employees.

There are many campaigns and websites that allows job applicants to compete and draw the attention of various companies. For example, TCS has launched its own coding competition called CodeVita, which has been a huge success for both the company and candidates. These competitions are a good way to advertise and market your company to talented candidates and let them recognize the value of your brand.

Flexible Working Hours

Recruitment Techniques

A big concern of many potential applicants is the company’s work hours and expectations. Work/life balance is a major concern of candidates and working hours should ideally be flexible. We highly recommend you consider incorporating flexible work schedules.

The gig economy is has been growing exponentially as more people want to work from home. Creating a flexible work schedule will attract a larger diversity of applicants.

How to Improve the Interview Process

The interview stage is where many hiring managers have issues. A negative experience in an interview could change the candidate’s opinion of the company, which in turn may cause them to post about in their social media.

One thing you could do is have a feedback page on your company’s website where applicants can talk about and review their interview experiences. This would not only help you improve your interview strategy but would give the candidates a sense of involvement and responsibility.

Prakash Sharma Works in a HR and Recruitment at Alliance Recruitment Agency- an IT Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping with international recruiting, dedicated web developer, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

Recruitment Techniques

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