Reentering the Workforce

Reentering the Workforce

When returning to the workforce from a long time off, applicants need to reassess their skill set, resume, cover letter, and reacquaint themselves to the job market and how best to find a job. As we discuss in our post Understanding Applicant Tracking Systems, 98% of Fortune 500 companies use some type of system for hiring. These systems are always changing, and resumes need to keep up. Additionally, jobs can be posted all across the internet on LinkedIn, Monster, company websites, Craigslist, and more. To find the right job, someone will need to know where to look.

Out of work for over a year?

Anyone who has been out of the workforce for over a year will need to account for the time on their resume. Using a skills-based resume format, or identifying ways to account for this time, will help guide prospective employers to understand how the time has been spent. Including activities such as freelance work, volunteering, or part-time jobs can help account for that time and enhance the quality of the resume.

Reentering the workforce after 50

Workers who are reentering the workforce after a gap and who are over the age of 50 should take some time to evaluate the job market and learn how to best present themselves for their prospective job search. These workers are not at a disadvantage, but they do need to account for updating their resumes and cover letters, practicing interviews, and understanding the new methods for finding jobs .

Job retraining at 50

Job retraining may seem intimidating. However, in today’s workforce, retraining, also known as reskilling, has become an essential part of career progression for all ages. Some organizations require reskilling of their workforce periodically to keep with the constant advancements in technology. Retraining over 50 should be viewed as an exciting opportunity for career progression, whether it is required, for a promotion, or a lateral move.

Jobs for people over 50

People over the age of 50, or even retired, may have advantages based on their situations in life. They may be established financially, able to work non-traditional hours or have flexibility in their schedules that other job-seekers do not. Jobs can include rideshare drivers (Uber, Lift), greeters and attendants (baseball games, movie theaters), board members, consultants, or part-time college instructors for their areas of expertise.

Best Jobs for Moms Reentering the Workforce

Reentering the Workforce

Moms returning to the workforce may be forced to considering returning to a different job or career. In today’s economy, there numerous opportunities for moms to reenter the workforce while working from home. Glassdoor’s blog details 21 jobs for Stay at Home Moms, we discuss some of those options and more, below.

Best jobs for stay at home moms

  • Babysitting – A win-win situation. Moms can make extra money by watching other children during the day while being at home with their own children.
  • Pet sitting – Many people who work are searching for reliable places to take their pets during the day. For animal lovers, this can be a convenient job.
  • Online Tutor – Online tutoring or mentoring for academic subjects, test preparation, and outside school activities can provide flexibility as well as good part-time income.

Best part time jobs for stay at home moms

  • Fitness Instructor – Moms looking to get out of the house, earn money, and keep their fitness programs should look no further than a fitness instructor. Many local gyms are always looking for reliable people who can do the instruction on a part-time basis.
  • Project Manager – Moms with a background in project management or other related skills may be able to find part-time jobs, often contract based, as a Project Manager for local companies.
  • Medical Transcriptionist – Many medical companies are constantly looking for quality individuals with good typing skills to transcribe clinician dictation from audio to text for their medical records.

Best online jobs for stay at home moms

  • Lifestyle Blogger – Stay at home Moms have a wealth of knowledge to share with others across the internet. Mom’s can start their own blog or look to do freelance pieces on topics that are relevant to them.
  • Social Media Manager – Moms with a background in marketing or advertising may be a natural fit for a Social Media Manager. Depending on the size of the company, jobs can be freelance, part-time, full-time, and in many cases, all work can be performed online.
  • Health Coaching – Online health coaching can earn big money. Moms can take numerous clients and assist with meal planning, work out schedules, and positive reinforcement to clients.

Reentering the Workforce Resume

Reentering the Workforce

Reentering the workforce resume examples

When reentering the workforce, or returning to work after some time, your professional resume will need to be revisited to best prepare for finding a new job. Below are tips to consider:

  • Forget a chronological timeline – Our resumes often follow the same format of listing job history listed from newest to oldest jobs. Trying a different format, such as most relevant jobs, is acceptable and may be a refreshing change to the resume.
  • Emphasize Skills – Understanding work history is important, but what was done during that time matters too. Identifying hard and soft skills and how they apply to the job should be emphasized.
  • Tell the Truth – The worst thing a job-seeker can do is lie on their resume. They should be upfront and clear about the gap in work.

Cover Letter for Retired Person Returning to Work

Similarly, a cover letter for a retired person returning to work will need to be revisited and include elements listed below:

Sample cover letter for a retired person returning to work

  • Discuss how the time off was spent – The retired person returning to the workforce should include any activities during their time off, including volunteering, part-time jobs, professional organization involvement, mentoring, or anything that has transferable skills to the prospective job.
  • Tell the story – A retired person reentering the workforce probably has a good reason for doing so, and that should be included. provides sample text for several situations to help tell the story in the cover letter.

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