Criteria for the Educational Scholarship

Empire Resume Educational Scholarship


Calling all students who are currently enrolled in a United States college or university! We are excited to offer you the opportunity to receive additional financial assistance for your educational needs.


At Empire Resume, we play an active role in our community and would like to present a scholarship amount of $500 made out to your academic institution.


The educational scholarship renews every year. If you don’t get selected for this round, feel free to apply again next year.


Requirements for Scholarship Eligibility:

  1. U.S. Citizen (or permanent resident).
  2. Currently enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited college/university within the U.S. for completion of an undergraduate degree.
  3. Applicants must fill out the basic information required for the scholarship application.
  4. Limit of one (1) entry per contestant.
  5. Employees of Empire Resume and their immediate families are not eligible.

Essay Requirements

Applicants must write an essay of no more than 1,000 words answering the question: “What percentage of young people today think they will make a living through social media? Do you still think it will be possible to make a living through social media 10 years from now?”


Application Process for the Educational Scholarship

  • Applicant must provide an essay answering the question: “What percentage of young people today think they will make a living through social media? Do you still think it will be possible to make a living through social media 10 years from now?”
  • Applicant must fill out the basic information required for the scholarship application.


Helpful Tips

  • Be sure to review the scholarship guidelines carefully.
  • Be specific with your strategy.
  • Take a creative approach.
  • Take your time and be patient.



  • Total award – $500
  • Number of awards given – 1
  • The award amount will be made out to your school in the form of a check or PayPal and applied directly to the winning applicant’s tuition.
  • Winner must respond within 30 days of notification; otherwise, another recipient will be chosen.
  • Total award – $500


Last Day to Enter: May 31, 2025

Winner Announced by: June 15, 2025


2023 Scholarship Application


Winners will be decided by the senior leadership team at Empire Resume.

The decision will be based on creativity, drive, and clarity of writing. All entries must comply with the application process. 

Congratulations to our 2019 Scholarship Winner: Dominic Davidson

Empire Resume Scholarship Program


After carefully reviewing thousands of applicant’s essays based on their creativity, drive, and clarity of writing, Dominic stood among the competition by providing a very comprehensive and insightful answer to the question “What would be your plan for marketing online with a $10,000 budget?”


Dominic outlined his strategy by saying he would first identify who our target market is, then spend more time on more active millennial social media platforms outside of Facebook. Next, Dominic researched some of our competitor’s and detailed some plans to help differentiate us. He also advised that we should develop partnerships with various colleges and universities to assist their career centers with student’s transitioning into the workforce.


Finally, Dominic suggested some great Google strategies and how to help increase our online presence. His recommendations were well thought out and he demonstrated the kind of thinking that companies look for today. He will clearly be an asset to anyone he works for!

Congratulations to our 2020 Scholarship Winner: Mackenzie Sinon


Empire Resume Educational Scholarship


Out of nearly 5,000 applicants this year, Mackenzie has been carefully chosen and selected based on her essay response, assessment of skills, and academic accomplishments. The decision was also based on creativity, drive, and clarity of writing. The values that Mackenzie possesses speaks through her love of education. She truly is a talented and unique individual. In her scholarship submission she mentions:


“When I think about how college graduates will apply for jobs in 20 years, I can’t help but think that resumes will look very different. Today, it is still commonplace to submit a paper resume. Many employers require you to also submit a resume online, especially if the application is online. I think the use of electronic resumes will become the norm. I see the use of paper resumes being phased out because many employers are moving to all online systems, so I think the submission of paper resumes will be frowned upon as paper records become no more. One major change that I think will be made is the use of videos. I think references will have to provide video recommendations and that job candidates will be required to submit a video that serves as a cover letter to explain their purpose for applying to the position. These videos will make resumes more personal and be able to save time for both the employer and employee by serving as a first interview of sorts. A final minor change that I see taking place is the inclusion of social media accounts. I think people will start to use social media to create a “brand” for themselves that expresses their views and work. I believe that employers will begin to expect every employee to have social media…”


Empire Resume has helped tens of thousands of people with their careers and are now excited to offer Mackenzie the opportunity to receive additional financial assistance for her educational needs. It has been a sincere pleasure learning more about Mackenzie and we wish her a happy and healthy rest of her college experience! Good luck with everything Mackenzie Sinon!


Congratulations to our 2021 Scholarship Winner: Darnell Davis



The 2020 – 2021 academic year was unprecedented with the COVID pandemic that crippled our country and deeply impacted education. Most schools and universities were forced to shut their doors and move to an online format. This made the scholarship applications interesting since there were several months that experienced a significant decline in applicants.

However, Darnell’s application and essay stood out. He presented a very compelling idea of how automation will affect the job market over the next decade and wrote that most applicant systems will be fully automated to where they conduct the initial screening and filter through the piles of resumes to choose the top 20 that best represent the person needed for the job. Darnell continued by writing that these fully automated hiring systems will save companies tens of thousands of dollars since they can streamline their staff and not have unnecessary human resources positions. Finally, Darnell wrote that automation will make hiring a much easier and effective process since the advanced algorithms in the future will better predict employee performance before they even start working.


Empire Resume continues to help many thousands of people with their resume packages and offers detailed guidance on applying for jobs and mastering the interview. If Darnell’s predictions are accurate, we’ll have to remain current on all trends and optimize our resume packages to ensure our clients pull up in the top 20. We wish the best of luck with Darnell’s academic career and are glad that our scholarship will help!


Congratulations to our 2022 Scholarship Winner: Taylor Curtis

This has been an interesting year. Inflation has been rampant, housing prices are astronomical, and stock markets are crashing. However, most students have returned to school for in person education.

Our question this year was: Will resumes still be used in the future? Out of all the scholarship applicants, Taylor’s response was our winner. She wrote that resumes will still be used in the future but in a digital type of format. Her response said that there will no longer be printed resumes and that everything will be in a cloud type format for all employers to access at will. The resumes of the future will be fully dynamic and people will regularly update their resumes in this type of digital format. She closed by saying that the heart of the resumes will still need to emphasize a person’s experience along with the value that they can bring since that’s what employers care about the most.

Empire Resume is proud to award Taylor the scholarship award and we continue to help clients of all ages and educational backgrounds. If Taylor’s prediction is accurate, then we need to be prepared for creating this new style of digital resumes.

Congratulations to our 2023 Scholarship Winner: Caitlyn Johnson

We’ve had more applicants this year than ever! With artificial intelligence (AI) spreading like wildfire, the scholarship question of What will it be like working in the metaverse? couldn’t have been more time appropriate.

We had a range of responses this year from applicants submitting anywhere from a few word replies to long essays. The most intriguing response was sent from Caitlyn who highlighted that there will be new levels of social connection and collaboration that we haven’t seen yet in the metaverse. With the recent news from Apple releasing their Vision Pro headset along with Meta’s Quest 3 headset that will be released this fall, the possibilities are endless. Caitlyn went on to say how the professional avatars that we’ll be able to create with 3D imagery will eventually be virtually indistinguishable from reality.

She wrote about how real virtual offices will seem along with virtual afterhours get togethers, such as bars, bowling alleys, and other events that will all immerse employees into “real life” feeling experiences. Caitlyn concluded by writing that there would be a whole new set of jobs and roles that weren’t possible in the physical world. Caitlyn did a very concise and compelling job of painting a picture of what the future may hold.

Empire Resume is proud to award Caitlyn the scholarship award and wish the best for in her academic and professional career!



Congratulations to our 2024 Scholarship Winner: Jason Martinez

Our scholarship submissions were the highest they’ve been since we started offering it in 2019! We received well over 10,000 submissions, so our work was truly cut out for us. This year’s essay question for the scholarship was: “What changes would you like to see in the workplace of the future?”

We had so many diverse responses this year with some being remarkably interesting and others being much closer to science fiction.

The most compelling response to our essay question was submitted by Jason Martinez, who painted an interesting future of the workplace. He envisioned a workplace that was hybrid mix of both in-person and remote work (that’s becoming the norm today) but imagined a more metaverse type work environment that was closer to the movie Surrogates where people had avatar-like personas that worked and collaborated in simulated roles that was very close to real life.

Jason emphasized that the avatar personas would seem so real that the collaboration would not feel feigned and would truly contribute to a stronger and more productive workplace.

With Meta (formerly Facebook) spending billions to make this come to fruition, this scenario may be more than likely to occur.

Jason also mentioned that AI would fully replace many of the repetitive task roles but would also open up whole new fields of work, which would be served by actual people in this hybrid environment and lead to more jobs.

The leadership team was compelled by the writing style and cohesion of Jason and is proud to offer the Empire Resume scholarship award to him to help ease his academic burden. We wish Jason the best of luck for the future, and one day we all may be working in his imagined hybrid work environment.


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