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Client Testimonials


“The resume you wrote for me changed my life. I actually got the first job I applied for with it. I wanted to become an investigator, and because of your resume I was offered a specialized investigative position that’s not typically offered at an entry level. I’ve now been doing that job for over 2 years. I knew I was qualified, I just didn’t know how to word it or showcase it, and you did that perfectly. So first and foremost, thank you!”


“Great product and exceptional service.” 


“I didn’t even know what an applicant tracking system was and how companies screened resumes. Apparently the resume I made was probably not even seen by a person. I am so glad that I found a reputable company that knows what they’re talking about.” 


“I have been an executive for many years and came across several resumes a week and assumed I knew how to create my own. The resume that I created was cluttered and unfocused compared to what they custom designed for me.” 


“Thank you so much for your help. I thought I would never get a job.” 


“I hated the thought of taking the time to create a CV resume, especially since I never needed to do one. They made the process very painless and it worked.” 



“They helped me create a resume that was far better than what I had. I began receiving call backs within two weeks.” 


“The recruiter that I gave my new resume to said it was the best she had ever seen.”


“This company knows what they are talking about. If you need help finding a job, this is the only place you need to go.


“Working in IT is filled with so much terminology that I could not figure out how to make my resume less than four-pages. They took the information that I gave them and made a two-page resume that immediately generated interest. Thanks.” 


“I was reluctant to pay for any professional service since I was provided resume training when transitioning out of the Air Force. It was good advice but I didn’t receive any call backs until I finally broke down and decided to give this company a try. I dealt with the owner and he really knew what he was talking about and has worked with people transitioning out of the Air Force for many years.” 


“I didn’t realize how important LinkedIn was until they walked me through it. Now I understand how to network with colleagues and search for jobs without going through job boards.”


“They had strong insight into the job search process from crafting a compelling resume to having a plan for finding the job that I wanted.”


“I recently graduated and was shown how to create a resume in college. The resume I created was nothing like what this company  made for me. It put me in a completely different light and got me interviews.”


“Phil helped me understand the application process and created a great resume that got me three interviews within a couple of weeks. This guy knows what he is talking about.”







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