The Best Free Resume Builder Apps

free Resume Builder Apps

When designing your professional resume, you could just start from a blank screen. A better option these days is to use one of the many free resume builder applications.

A resume builder is a mobile app that gives you templates you can easily customize, and they come with many advantages.

The mobile apps provide tested layouts, graphics, tips, and examples. Plus, you won’t need any graphic design experience since you’re given templates.

The best part of using a resume building mobile app is that it removes worries about layout and design and lets you focus on the most important part of resume writing: the content.

Here are the best free resume building apps for both iPhone and Android:

Best Free Resume Apps for Android

free Resume Builder Apps

  1. Canva

Canva is a free app for all types of design projects, but it works especially well for resumes. The app has a library of more than 1,000 designer-made resume templates, which can be customized for color, fonts, and layout.

The Canva mobile app is free for Android and iPhone devices, and it can also be used online. You can pay for a premium subscription, but it’s not necessary for creating a resume.

  1. Resume Builder App

The full name of this free Android app is a bit long: Resume Builder App Free CV Maker with PDF Format. The app has a 4.5-star rating on Google Play, and it’s been downloaded by more than 86,000+ users.

This easy-to-use app provides more than 130 color resume templates that you can choose from right on your phone, and then convert into a PDF document.

  1. CV Engineer

CV Engineer provides helpful examples of resumes and even gives you advice for job interviews – free of cost. The app was designed by a London-based recruitment consultant, who now works as a software engineer.

This mobile app is also simple to use on Android devices and, after you’re done creating a resume, you can save the PDF via email or Google Drive.

  1. Resumaker

This app has fewer templates than others, but they stand out for their colorful and attractive formats. You can also narrow down the formats based on your career experience, whether you’re looking for your first job or you’ve been in the workforce for years.

  1. Easy Resume Builder

This free app takes the simple route: There’s only one resume format to choose from. Empire Resume found that the user-friendly interface is also simple to use. Many users like this app because it saves them time because they don’t have to pick from hundreds of examples and different formats.

  1. CV Maker Resume Builder

This mobile app provides more than 100 resume formats, as well as more than 250 cover letter formats. You can build resumes to include your photo, and you can work offline, so there’s no need to worry about internet connection.

Best Free Resume Apps for iPhones

free Resume Builder Apps

  1. Resume Star: Pro CV Maker

You can build a professional-looking resume on this free app within minutes. The app has a 4.9-star rating in the App Store, and it’ll build you a resume in a simple format that avoids fancy graphics and colors.

Given that some resume-filtering software doesn’t like gaudy graphics, Empire Resume experts thinks the simple formats provided by Resume Star could be a smart choice.

  1. PathSource Resume

The PathSource app features 20 resume templates that have been designed by recruitment experts. You only have to fill in your information once, and then you can create multiple resumes from the different formats.

The makers of the mobile app also created another app for job searches and career advice, which was ranked the number one career app for iPhones.

  1. Quick Resume

You can create and save an unlimited number of resumes on this free app. Quick Resume provides only seven resume formats and styles, but the app is user-friendly, and you can export the PDFs of the saved resumes to your DropBox.

  1. Resume Builder by Nobody

This app features 25 resume templates, which you can customize for color, text size, and more. The app is also universal, meaning that it’ll work on both your iPhone and your iPad.

  1. Resume Builder CV Designer

Empire Resume discovered that one of the cool things about this app is the ability to create and place customizable badges for skills onto your resume. The colorful and clean templates the app provides also make this app stand out.

  1. Resume Builder for Job Search

This free mobile app provides 16 resume templates, as well as interview and job searching advice. The app also includes a spell check, and you can export the created resumes to Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, and DropBox.

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