The Coolest Jobs in the Military

Coolest Jobs in the Military

When it comes to careers in the U.S. military, most people probably don’t think there are too many options.

You can start as an enlisted member or officer and work your way up the ranks. There are people in administrative roles at each military base and in the Pentagon. And, of course, there are mechanics who ensure all air, land, and sea vehicles are running in tip-top shape.

What you probably didn’t realize is that there are many more military career options available to recruits beyond these examples. Prepare to be surprised. 

18 Cool and Unexpected Jobs for Military Recruits


1. Media and Public Affairs Officers

Media and public affairs officers manage video production and content for television and radio broadcasts. This content can range from news to entertainment to training modules. Public affairs officers also respond to inquiries from civilian press outlets and prepare press releases to announce military news.

2. Business Managers

Long deployments at sea can be tedious at times. Sailors want and deserve entertainment like anyone else. They may want to get a bag of chips and sit down to watch a DVD.

This is where the business manager comes in. It’s their job to ensure the vending machines, video rental kiosks, and small convenience stores on every ship are stocked and working properly.

3. Corrections Officers

Coolest Jobs in the Military

The military has its own prison system that houses prisoners of war and American citizens convicted of crimes. Military corrections officers help supervise that prison population in much the same way a civilian corrections officer would.

4. Cryogenics Equipment Operator

Oxygen and nitrogen used for breathing tanks and planes’ tires must be stored at extremely cold temperatures. Cryogenics equipment operators understand the science of cryogenics and how to operate the equipment necessary store the military’s supply of these highly flammable gases safely and securely.

5. Cyber Warriors

This position sounds like the title of a summer blockbuster, but cyber warriors are the nation’s first line of defense against an unending barrage of cyberattacks from foreign enemies. They also go on the offensive when needed to disrupt attacks on the United States before they happen.

6. Entomologists

Entomologists? As in the scientists that study bugs. Yup!

The military needs these bug biologist’s big time. An insect infestation can threaten the success of a military mission, spread disease, and put the lives of our troops at even more risk.

Entomologists identify where infestations are likely to occur and take steps to stop or contain the pests. They’ll set up bug traps, develop pesticides, introduce natural predators, and de-louse troops—all to keep these miniscule menaces from disrupting the mission.

7. Financial Manager

Coolest Jobs in the Military

Financial managers oversee literally hundreds of billions of dollars in equipment and supply purchases. They are the ones who authorize payments to vendors and advise on how much each branch should save for possible conflicts. Financial managers also track spending of grant money given to the militaries of friendly countries.

8. Geneticists

The only full-service genetics lab in the Department of Defense exists within the US Air Force. The lab geneticists counsel military families who have genetic diseases on care and treatment options. They also operate a neonatal care unit to treat infants born with genetic diseases.

9. Journalists

Each branch of the military employs its own journalists which includes photographers (referred to as combat camera in the military) and journalists who write articles for base newspapers and websites. Beyond that, there are broadcast journalists who shoot and edit video for news stories and deliver the news on air.

10. Musicians

The military has a surprising number of bands. Most of these bands are made up of troops who play instruments in addition to their regular duties. Although, there are some who are solely employed as military musicians. These bands play at base events, around the country, and even internationally.

11. Instrument Repair Specialists

If there are musicians in the military, then it only makes sense that they have recruits who know how to service and repair instruments as well.

12. Nuclear Reactor Engineers

Coolest Jobs in the Military

The Navy’s submarine and aircraft carriers are run on nuclear power. These engineers ensure that the reactors that supply the power are running safely and smoothly 24/7.

13. Veterinarian

Think about all the animals that tirelessly help out troops complete their missions. There are dogs and horses that need constant care and attention from military veterinarians.

There are also veterinarians who work exclusively with the sea lions and dolphins who are trained to help the Navy in its mission detect sea mines. Additionally, they can be trained to warn of possible enemy intrusions in national waters. It’s important and stressful work, so our ocean-dwelling friends deserve the best care possible.

14. Quarrying Specialist

Do you like to blow stuff up? Then this might be the coolest job in the military for you. Quarrying specialists are employed by the Army Corps of Engineers to blast through mountains and granite to build bridges, tunnels, and roads.

15. Weather Specialist

How important is the weather to the success of a mission? Extremely! Military weather specialists can warn troops on the ground about typhoons that have the potential stop their advances. They can predict down to the minute when a dust storm will hit an area and reduce visibility or disrupt flight plans. You can’t underestimate the importance of weather specialists.

16. Pediatrician

Coolest Jobs in the Military

The military needs pediatricians on staff to ensure the children living on base are healthy and happy. Pediatricians can also be deployed to support humanitarian missions in other nations when needed.

17. HVAC specialists

These aren’t your average refrigerator and air conditioner repairmen. The HVAC specialists in the military are deployed to deserts to ensure troops have shelter that is safe and cool. They also set up heating systems in frigid mountains where frostbite and hypothermia are threats to our men and women in uniform.

18. Water Specialists

Members of the water support team test and treat water in local rivers and waterways to ensure our troops have clean and potable water during missions. Water specialists also remove pollutants from the water that troops may have left behind after the mission is complete.

There Are More Military Jobs Than You Think

Military careers can be cooler than most people ever realize. You can pursue a wide range of interesting and fulfilling careers in the military and continue to serve your country in non-combat roles.

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Coolest Jobs in the Military

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