Three Sample Cover Letters 

Free Cover Letter SamplesJust like with professional resumes, there are thousands of subjective opinions on what types of cover letters work best. If you read 10 different websites, you will probably find 10 different answers and recommendations.

One thing that has been substantiated is that employers receive hundreds of resumes for each listed position and spend little time reviewing them. We’ll show you three sample cover letters that you can incorporate in your job search. 

Research Data

A study conducted by Zety, revealed that the average employer will receive 250 resumes for each position listed and Indeed showed that recruiters will spend under 10-seconds reviewing a resume.

If recruiters spend less than 10-seconds reviewing a resume, you can count on them spending even less time reviewing your cover letter. Your cover letter needs to be concise and compelling and should never be longer than one-page. Your cover letter should also be tailored to specifically to each hiring manager and position .

Below are three samples of effective cover letters that were actually used by clients to acquire new positions (contact information has been changed):


Sample Cover Letter #1

Sample Cover Letter #2

Sample Cover Letter #3


Free Cover Letter Samples

Sample #1 is very concise and with short paragraphs and a few bullets. This is very easy and quick to read. Sample #2 is like Sample #1 but delves a little further into specific and quantifiable contributions that this candidate has added.

Also, Sample #2 mentions something specific about the company he is applying for to make it even more targeted. Sample #3 has an entirely different feel and is written a narrative format.

Although using bullets for most cover letters makes it easier to read, sometimes creating a cover letter that tells a story may be more compelling. This is especially true if you have any insight on the hiring managers who prefer this style.


Although all three cover letters are formatted differently, there are consistencies among them. First, all three cover letters are addressed specifically to the hiring manager versus a generic “to whom it may concern” or “Hello.”

Second, all three cover letters clearly state the position they are applying for and where they came across the job opening.

Third, all three cover letters close with including why the candidate would be a good fit for the organization. Finally, all three cover letters are one-page or less.

Although there are thousands of opinions on crafting effective cover letters, these three samples provided have received substantial positive feedback from recruiters in the real-world and all three have resulted in the candidate being asked for an interview.

Here are examples of cover letters for various industries. Remember to keep the cover letter addressed to the appropriate hiring manager, specific to the job, and under one-page.

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