Understanding Military Rank Series: Space Force Ranks

US Space Force Ranks

Welcome back to Empire Resume’s six-part mini-series on understanding military rank, where we’re giving you the blueprint to rank for each branch of the military.

Today, we’re sharing the U.S. Space Force ranks and showing how they stack up to their civilian equivalent. Afterwards, we’ll briefly discuss what the Space Force is and what Space Force ranks are. Below is a chart containing each Space Force rank along with accompanying job titles in today’s workforce:

US Space Force Ranks

What is the Space Force?

The Space Force is the newest service branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, formed December 20, 2019.  The Space Force is situated within the U.S. Air Force and it exists to conduct space warfare and space operations.

With personnel being named Guardians, it lives by the Delta symbol and motto, Sempur Supra, which means “Always Above.” The U.S. Space Force’s symbol honors the heritage of the USAF and Space Command.

What are Space Force Ranks?

Just like the Air Force, you’ll notice that this service branch that does not have warrant officers in its rank structure.

Similar to the other branches of the military, the Space Force ranking system determine leadership responsibilities and allows Guardians to advance in their careers.

On February 1, 2021, the Space Force released its rank names and structure, which is very similar to that of the U.S. Air Force once you’ve reached the NCO ranks.

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US Space Force Ranks

At Empire Resume, it is our hope this quick, easy, and shareable reference will help military veterans change their approach when translating rank into the civilian terms, and that it’ll help civilians better understand what each Space Force rank means and how to apply it to employment opportunities.

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Dr. Phillip Gold is President/CEO of Empire Resume and has vast experience writing resumes for service-members transitioning from the military into civilian roles. He served as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force responsible for leading nuclear missile security. Phillip is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and holds a BA in Communications from The Ohio State University, an MS in Instructional Technology, an MBA in Finance, and a PhD in Finance.

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