5 Benefits of Using Video Resumes

Video Resumes

Traditional resumes can be limiting to a potential job candidate. It’s standard for a resume to only fit on one or two pages of paper, which reduces the amount of information you can fit. Traditional resumes can also narrow people down to simply a list of jobs and accomplishments that don’t necessarily speak to how the person acts or will do if hired for a given job.

Thanks to our increasingly easy access to technology, there are other ways that we can submit applications for jobs, including video resumes. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd and show yourself as a well-rounded person.

What Is a Video Resume?

A video resume is exactly what it sounds like—a resume but in video form. Instead of listing out your accomplishments on paper, you can create a video of yourself talking about the experience that you have and why you would be the right candidate for the job.

If you want to accompany your video resume with a traditional resume, the employer can easily remember exactly what experience you have while also getting a greater sense of your personality. Video resumes are useful because you can explain much more information about yourself and answer questions that interviewers may have prior to setting up an interview.

5 Benefits of a Video Resume

1. Allows Your Personality to Shine Through

Video Resumes

One of the biggest benefits of submitting a video resume is the ability to show off your personality. It’s nearly impossible to have your personality come through on a traditional resume because it is strictly formal and calculated. However, when the hiring manager watches a video of you, they will be able to tell more about the way you might act within the workplace.

Through aspects of your personality such as humor or body language, the potential employer can gauge how well you will fit in with the company. Additionally, a video resume is a great way for an employer to determine how you would potentially interact with clientele. Be sure to keep in mind some of these tips for creating a video resume. Just like traditional resumes. the length of the video is extremely important. Most people recommend not going over 90 seconds to ensure that the hiring manager will watch the video.

2. Provides More Information About You and Your Experience

With a video resume, you can dive into more information on your previous experience, allowing you to draw connections between old jobs or internships to the job description. This can help the employer understand why your experience would benefit the company and how you have applied skills in similar situations.

If you have any accomplishments listed on your resume, such as awards or other types of recognition, you can still mention these in the video interview and again supply more information than a traditional resume would.

3. It’s a Unique Application

Video interviews are pretty rare, which means that you’ll stand out from the crowd if you send one in. The more memorable of a candidate you are, the better chance you have of scoring an interview. Not only do you have the advantage of the hiring manager remembering you because of the video, but you also probably have a better chance at the job because the employer has a greater sense of you than the other candidates.

4. Acts as a Pre-Interview

Video Resumes

A video resume can work as almost a pre-interview, answering some of the most common interview questions before you even come into the office for a face-to-face. This is hugely beneficial to both you and the employer. You’re able to get some of those standard questions out of the way and the hiring manager can determine–based on your answers–whether it seems as though the job is right for you.

If you end up getting a job interview, this video resume may also be a good icebreaker since the employer already has some information on you and your personality.

5. Gives You More Control

When you create a video resume, you’re in control of how you will be perceived and what information is given. This is extremely beneficial to you as it can be difficult to know how an employer will react to your traditional resume. However, because you’re in control of the video—how it will be filmed and what information you’ll include—you’re also more in control of how it will be perceived. If you can do some research on the hiring manager prior to creating the video, you may even be able to use information about his or her own interests and experience to relate to them through the video.

What You Need to Create a Video Resume

A video resume can easily be recorded on your mobile device, but if you want it to look truly professional and impressive, you’ll probably want to purchase a smartphone video kit. If you purchase an all-inclusive kit, usually you’ll receive an external microphone, phone stabilizer and sometimes an additional lens or light. The microphone is extremely important as the sound quality of mobile videos has not improved much over the years. Unfortunately, as phones have gotten smaller and more compact, microphones have not, making it essential that you get an external device to get the best audio possible.

A phone stabilizer or tripod is also vital to creating a video resume. Holding your device in your hand can result in shakiness and may also look unprofessional as you tend to hold your phone from a different angle then you would if it was attached to a tripod and adjusted to be looking straight at you. The stabilizer or tripod will give your video a more professional look to impress the hiring manager. A great video resume can get you the job, but an amateur video may cost you an interview. Invest in a video kit today and start filming your video resume to get you that dream job.

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Video Resumes

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