What are the Best Career Podcasts to Listen To?

Best Career Podcasts

Would you like to get valuable career advice while driving, hiking, washing dishes, ­­­­or even walking your dog? You can, thanks to career podcasts.

But when you consider that there are now approximately 1.75 million podcasts in existence, it can be challenging to find the podcast that’ll deliver the exact content you’re looking for.

To help you narrow down your search, Empire Resume has listed 13 of our favorite career podcasts.

1. The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes was a professional football player whose career was sidelined after he suffered a serious injury. He made the transition from top athlete to best-selling author and now hosts his own podcast.

Howes invites world-class athletes, celebrities, and successful entrepreneurs onto his program to discuss how they define greatness and develop greatness within themselves. Definitely give this podcast listen if you’re looking for some motivation.

2. Pivot

Are you feeling like it’s time to change careers, but not sure how to go about it? Then Pivot might be the podcast for you.

Host and former Google career coach Jenny Blake reveals practical tips and resources to help you make your next move and find opportunity where you least expect it.

3. Safe for Work

Best Career Podcasts

Hosts Liz Dolan and Rico Gagliano are an excellent duo that dole out real-world, practical advice on surviving the daily routine of work. They cover topics such as how to prevent burnout, how to negotiate a raise, and how to deal with that annoying co-worker.

It’s a fun and lively show that’ll put a smile on your face while filling your head with some of the most useful career advice out there.

4. Lead to Win

The tile of this podcast pretty much says it all. If you are a leader of people, then tune in to hear host Michael Hyatt’s unique insight on how to lead confidently to create successful outcomes at work and in life.

5. Being Boss

Calling all freelancers! Hosts of Being Boss, Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson understand the questions, insecurities, and freedoms that come with the territory when you’ve working for yourself.

They have frank discussions about setting goals, getting paid what you’re worth, building a professional network, overcoming procrastination and other ways you can “be boss.”

6. Manager Tools

Don’t let the lackluster name fool you. This career podcast is a must-listen for every manager in corporate America. Each episode covers a situation that every manager at one time or another may find themselves having to deal with. Get tips and advice on everything from creating a succession plan, to hiring the best people, to dealing with an employee who has offensive body odor.

7. CareerCloud

Best Career Podcasts

CareerCloud certainly delivers on its tagline “practical career advice.” There’s nothing fancy here. But you will get solid advice from industry experts on the fundamentals such as resume writing, job hunting, networking, interviewing, using social media in your job search, and more.

8. Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Host Cathy Heller truly wants her listeners to find their passion in life and make money doing it. Each episode explores the life of a successful entrepreneur and the steps they took to build a career doing what they love. Notable guests include best-selling author Daniel Pink and Character Lab CEO Angela Duckworth.

9. The Career Hacking Podcast

This is a podcast for ambitious, career-minded millennials who have their eye on becoming a vice president at a company or CEO of their own firm. Listeners will learn the dos and don’ts of corporate ladder climbing from guests who’ve been there and done that.

10. We Study Billionaires

Who wants to be a billionaire? If your answer is “I do” then it wouldn’t hurt to tune into this podcast. Hosts Stig Brodersen and Preston Pysh specifically focus on building wealth by investing in the stock market. Guests include heavy hitters such as Warren Buffet, who certainly knows a thing or two about being rich.

11. The Accidental Creative

Best Career Podcasts

This podcast is perfect for those in creative fields such as advertising, marketing, and communications. No matter how creative we are, our well of good ideas dries up from time to time.

Listen to the Accidental Creative to learn unique ways to generate ideas more quickly and be more productive without sacrificing quality. Plus, you’ll get tips and tricks to help you build a more fulfilling career and overall life.

12. The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Just like the name implies, host Pat Flynn shares his best methods for creating an online business and have it generate passive income. Whether you’re looking to transition from your 9 to 5, or you just want to make extra cash with a side hustle that practically runs itself, then this is the podcast for you.

13. How I Built This

The New York Times has called host Guy Raz one of the most popular podcast hosts in history. In his podcast, How I Built This, Guy invites innovators and entrepreneurs to talk candidly about their personal journeys toward their incredible achievements.

Guests delve deep into the pivotal moments in their lives, including successes and setbacks, that helped propel them to where they are today. It’s at once entertaining, informative, and inspiring for anyone who dreams of taking on a new challenge in their professional or personal lives. Give it a listen.

Whether you want to get a promotion, switch careers, or be inspired, then there’s definitely a career podcast out there for you. You just need to download an episode that intrigues you and start listening. 

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Best Career Podcasts

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