What it’s Really Like Working for Google

What it’s Really Like Working for Google

Google is one of the biggest companies in the world, and it currently ranks behind only Apple and Amazon in terms of total market value.

The question we’re asking: What is it really like to work for a global technology giant like Google that’s come to dominate the lives of seemingly everyone?

Google claimed the top spots in the best places to work in the U.S. in both Glassdoor’s and Fortune magazine’s annual 2022 lists.

The innovative company is known for amazing employee perks and the chance to work on endless creative projects that affect the lives of millions.

However, current and former Google employees have noted downsides of working for this gigantic tech employer.

Empire Resume has delved into the research, reports, and complaints about Google to find out what it’s really like to work for the famous company.

What Benefits do Google Employees Get? 

The benefits package Google provides to its employees is what you’d probably expect for a company that has a market value of more than $1.5 trillion.

The technology company provides robust health insurance and health benefits that include onsite doctors, nurses, and medical services.

Google also provides some of the best paid parental leave benefits in the U.S. New mothers are entitled to 22 weeks of paid maternity leave, and new fathers get up to 18 weeks of paid leave if they’re the primary caregiver.

The company even provides death benefits to family members of deceased Googlers. When a Google employee passes away, the worker’s domestic partner or spouse gets a check for 50% of the worker’s annual salary every year for 10 years.

Oh, and Google employees are very well paid, too. The technology company pays the average employee more than $112,000 in annual wages.

Google Workers Benefits

What it’s Really Like Working for Google

Google doesn’t just provide a salary and benefits package that most U.S. workers could only dream of. The technology company also gives employees unique and incredible perks that few other American companies can compete with.

Empire Resume learned that Google employees can eat three free, gourmet meals per day at a variety of cafes and kitchens at the Googleplex (the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, California).

Many companies do teambuilding exercises, but Google takes it to another level. Employees at Google say the company offers free cooking classes as teambuilding exercises in which workers bond with each other and learn about new cuisines.

According to some Google employees, the technology company also offers onsite massage therapists. Employees can earn credits for free massages when they’re stressed out or buy a massage at a big discount.

Surrounded by Geniuses

Google employees are paid well and have some of the best benefits and perks of any workers in the country. So, what’s not to like?

Believe it or not, Empire Resume discovered many current and former Googlers describe some big downsides of working for the giant technology company.

One of the disadvantages: Nearly everyone who works at Google is extremely talented and smart, which creates a super-competitive work culture that can be downright intimidating.

One former Google engineer told The American Genius that being talented doesn’t guarantee promotions or even a chance to work on interesting projects at the company – since everyone is overqualified.

A former Google product analyst also told Business Insider that working at the company gave him the “imposter syndrome” feeling. He said the co-workers on his team weren’t just Ivy League graduates, but they also were veritable geniuses who had published patents in high school and developed products like Google Mars.

Working with intelligent people sounds great but working at Google takes things to a whole other level, former employees say.

What are the Downsides of Working at Google?

What it’s Really Like Working for Google

Many high-paid professionals at big companies say work/life balance becomes a problem and they can become consumed by their careers.

This is exactly how some ex-Googlers describe what happens when working for the technology giant. One former Google employee said on a now-infamous Quora thread that working for the company can dominate your life.

As we mentioned earlier, the company’s famous Googleplex headquarters offers everything an employee could ever want – from free meals to onsite gyms.

The unexpected downside to this, ex-employees say, is many workers end up spending almost all their time at the sprawling Googleplex campus, interacting only with fellow Googlers, using only Google technology, and talking only about Google projects.

Some former Google workers say this can hurt their careers, as well. An ex-Googler told BGR that working at the company looks great on your resume, but it can be hard to transfer what you learned to other jobs since you’re exclusively working with Google technology and software.

Whether working at Google is a dream come true or an unexpected nightmare generally depends on your perspective, former employees say.

One thing is for sure: Google employees get incredible perks and benefits, but only if they’re willing to put up with some downsides that former employees say drove them away from one of the ultimate technology jobs.

If you’re interested in working for Google, you’re goung to need a strong resume package that includes a professional resume, LinkedIn profile, and targeted cover letter. 

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